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How to winterize your home as temperatures drop in the Treasure Valley

Is it time to get your sprinklers blown out or your furnace serviced? KTVB spoke with the experts.

BOISE, Idaho — It’s been less than a month since fall officially began, but with record cold temperatures falling over the Treasure Valley this week, the experts say, it's not too early to start winterizing your home

One way to start, is by getting your sprinklers blown out.

“There are simple things you can do, cover it over with your trash can, or you can put a blanket over it until your sprinkler tech can get out there and blow it out,” said Clyde Lingo, general manager of Cutting Edge Landscape.

Getting a sprinkler blowout now is cheap insurance for something that could cost you more later down the road. 

“If you wait too long, then you'll get on a list and then there's a possibility that we could get some cold temperatures and do some damage in the ground,” Lingo said. 

Cutting Edge primarily handles commercial properties, but at Jordan Property Maintenance, crews have already started winterizing homes. On Thursday, crews were blowing out sprinklers across the Treasure Valley.

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Homeowners should also pay attention to hoses.

“On your house, the hose bib itself is freeze resistant, but if there's a hose hooked to it, it will freeze and it can damage the pipes back to the wall,” Lingo said.

Homeowners are urged to unhook the hose from every facet and make sure it is completely off. 

According to experts, now is also the time to start thinking about getting maintenance for equipment inside of homes, like furnaces.

“Remember it ran all summer long to cool you, so we want to make sure you're ready for the heating season,” said Michael Murphy-Sweet, general manager of Capital City Heating & Cooling. “So, changing the filter, closing the vents around the foundation of your house, it's time to do that and adjust your temperatures on your thermostat.” 

Regular maintenance can also ensure safety in a home.

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