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How to stay safe during lightning

Thunderstorms should pop up in the mountains and Valley with a risk of lighting.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The age-old saying will be very useful Thursday: If the thunder roars, go indoors!

Thunderstorms are coming to Northern California and since this happens every so often, here are reminders of some safety tips.

Lightning and thunderstorms are most likely to strike in the mountains and Valley Thursday afternoon. The timing is a concern because people are most likely to see lighting late in the afternoon during after school or after work sports.

If you see lightning, go indoors. If you hear thunder, go indoors. Those two tips are the best pieces of advice in the coming days. Many lightning strikes happen when people are outdoors and exposed, on a field, or next to a tall object like a tree or a metal lighting pool in sport field.

If you can't make it into a building, get into you car and make sure the windows are up. Often, even if a lightning bolt hits a car, it will travel through the metal frame, to the metal in the tires, and to the ground and the passengers will be safe.

If you are fully exposed and can't get inside a building or car, crouch as low as you can and put something under your feet, like a jacket or foam sporting equipment, to insulate you from the ground.

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