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6 earthquakes hit near Stanley

The USGS reports that the largest earthquake struck about 20 miles away from Lowman at about 2:30 p.m.
Credit: USGS
Each circle indicates the epicenter of the earthquakes that hit near Stanley on Tuesday afternoon.

LOWMAN, Idaho — Multiple earthquakes ranging from 2.7-magnitude to 4.4-magnitude hit near Stanley on Tuesday afternoon.

A 4.4-magnitude earthquake happened near Lowman, according to the United States Geological Survey. A 3.9-magnitude quake also hit about 20 miles from Stanley. Two 2.7 quakes, a 2.9 and a 3.1 earthquake also hit the area.

The 4.4.earthquake's epicenter was in the Bear Valley, about 23.5 miles North-Northeast of Lowman, near where the Boise National Forest meets the Challis National Forest and just west of the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway. 

The 3.9 quake struck about 23 miles north of Stanley and between 10-15 miles west of the Lowman quake.

All six quakes happened at about 2:24 p.m. MT. and happened within minutes of each other.

People reported to the USGS that they felt the 4.1 quake from parts of the Treasure Valley to near Salmon.

The USGS's earthquake intensity map shows that the 4.1-magnitude earthquake could have been felt almost to Twin Falls and about 20-30 miles south of the Nez Perce Reservation near Lewiston.

This one of multiple major earthquakes that have happened in south-central Idaho, as a 4.2-magnitude quake struck near Stanley on August 9, which caused a rockslide in the Sawtooth Mountain. A 4.1, 4.4 and a 4.6-magnitude earthquake have also hit near Stanley since the late spring.

However, none were as larges as the 6.1-magnitude quake that rattled Idaho and six surrounding states that happened on March 31.

Credit: USGS
A 4.4-magnitude earthquake happened about 25 miles away from Lowman on Sept. 8, 2020.