BOISE -- Idaho residents could catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights as early as Wednesday night, if conditions are right.

The spectacular sight is more commonly associated with the northernmost reaches of the U.S., but could be visible in the Treasure Valley area this week.

The Aurora Borealis occurs when electromagnetic discharge from sunspots is distributed in waves. As the charged particles enter the Earth's atmosphere, they can collide, resulting in colored streaks of light in the night sky.

The waves have been arriving since last Wednesday, but because of the full moon and smoke in the area, they haven’t been visible here.

But with changes starting Wednesday and and going into the weekend, there is a chance the Treasure Valley could see some of the northern light show over the next several nights.

The best viewing will be in the evening just after dusk, and as far away from city lights as possible. Just look at the northern sky.

Because the Treasure Valley is further south, our view will be limited but you might be able to see the phenomenon through Saturday night.