BOISE - Now that the snow has stopped falling, continuing to clear the streets of snow will be a priority, especially with rain and warmer temperatures heading our way this weekend.

The weather changes, combined with the heavy snow already on the ground, could cause major flooding issues for neighborhoods.

The City of Boise is stepping up efforts to clear snow from downtown streets and sidewalks. But what about residential areas, many of which are still inundated with snow?

For most people, shoveling our driveways and the sidewalks in front of our houses has meant shoving most of that snow into the street. If you haven’t made a point of keeping nearby storm drains clear of the snow, that may come back to bite you.

"There is so much snow out there right now that we don't even know where the storm drains are," Meridian Police Chief Jeff Lavey said.

The rain will help melt the snow much faster than just warm weather alone. And that water is going to have to go somewhere. With the ground likely still frozen under the snow it will begin to pool and collect in low areas, typically around drainage areas and storm drains.

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The Ada County Highway District is responsible for all 19,000 storm drains and inlets in the county.

ACHD says they are prepared for the potential, and they're getting backhoes ready to dig out storm drains and inlets.

"Hopefully it won't happen but we're ready if it does," DuBois added. "We have five vacuum trucks, and we are reaching out to other city agencies to find out if they have vacuum trucks with their sewer departments that we could possibly use."

Where's my neighborhood drain? Check ACHD's storm drain map

ACHD resources are tapped from plowing and sanding 24/7, so some city departments in Boise and Meridian are now stepping up and lending a helping hand to lessen the possibility of flooding.

"It's bringing public works, fire department, police and parks together," City of Meridian Mayor Tammy de Weerd said.

All those workers will be out on the roads with shovels in tow, looking for drainage problems.

The cities of Nampa and Caldwell tell KTVB they will be plowing the gutters and storm drains as well, and are working down their priority list to get to residential roads.

Public works departments are looking at you - the community- to help; they are asking that you park off the street as they come through so they can reach the curb, and prevent plowing cars in. They are also asking you to keep your sidewalks and driveways clear of snow.

Before the rain and warm weather arrives, you'll want to grab a shovel if you can and make sure those drains are clear, including as much of the gutters along the sidewalks as possible. It may not be enough to alleviate all flooding concerns in your neighborhood, considering the record amount of snow still on the ground, but every little bit helps.

"That's where the neighbors come in. You already know where problem areas are in your neighborhood, you already know where the drains are at in your neighborhood," Chief Lavey added.

"We can be proactive right now to ensure that the snow is cleared in those areas," Mayor de Weerd said.