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Idaho gas prices: St. Patty's Day luck is running out

Spring break? More like spring broke. It may be the week of St. Patrick's Day, but Idaho drivers' luck is running out.

BOISE, Idaho — Fuel prices are ticking upward nationally, and the Gem State is no exception. 

With St. Patrick's Day fast approaching, Idaho drivers may have a tough time finding good luck at the pump.


According to GasBuddy, the statewide average on Monday morning was $3.65 per gallon for regular unleaded - a three-cent increase from last week. A report by AAA calculated Idaho's average price to be $3.67 per gallon.

GasBuddy found the lowest price in the state was $2.99 per gallon, while the highest was $4.19, a difference of $1.20 per gallon.

Boise gas prices are reflective of the rest of the state, with the average cost in the capital city increasing 3.9 cents in the last week to $3.79.

According to GasBuddy's survey of 216 stations in Boise, prices are on average 0.6 cents per gallon higher than one month ago, Feb. 13; however, the price is significantly lower than a year ago, dropping 62.6 cents from this week last year. 

Within Boise, prices ranged from $3.64 to $3.89 for a gallon of regular unleaded, a difference of 25.0 cents per gallon.


Comparatively, neighboring areas are also experiencing a jump at the pump for unleaded gasoline. 

Washington is our costliest neighbor, with an average of $4.25 per gallon. In Oregon, the average price is $3.91 (AAA) and $3.88 (GasBuddy), up 1.8 cents from last week; and Utah reports an average price tag of $3.86 per gallon, up a whopping 22.1 cents from last week.


AAA ranked the Gem State as 10th in the country for most expensive fuel behind California ($4.92), Hawaii ($4.84), Nevada ($4.33), Washington ($4.25), Arizona ($3.95), Colorado ($3.91), Oregon ($3.91), Utah ($3.86) and Alaska ($3.80). 

The cheapest fuel can be found in Mississippi ($3.02), with no states currently below the $3 mark.

"With the anticipated surge of spring break travel and the return of expensive summer-blend gasoline, we could be just weeks away from $4 gas in some parts of our state," said AAA Idaho public affairs director Matthew Conde.  

Although unleaded gas is getting more expensive across the country, there is some relief for consumers of diesel gasoline.

Nationally, the price per gallon of regular unleaded increased by 8.0 cents since last Monday's report. Meanwhile, the national cost of diesel has decreased by 4.1 cents per gallon in the same time frame, bringing the new average to $4.30 per gallon.

Head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, Patrick De Haan, attributed the cost fluctuations to the transition of seasons, as summer approaches.

"With the transition to more expensive summer gasoline underway coast to coast, wholesale gasoline prices continue to inch up at a rate typical for this time of year, reflected in the national average rising for the second straight week," said De Haan.

"While oil prices edged slightly lower on weaker outlooks for economic growth, continued refinery maintenance and the higher cost of seasonal blends of fuel are offsetting oil's decline."

De Haan said that the cost for diesel gas is going down due to supply and demand. "Diesel, however, continues to slowly decline as we see consumption for diesel lighten up." 

"The best news for both gasoline and diesel prices is how significant a drop we've seen from year-ago levels, with more disinflation to come in the weeks ahead, even as gas prices are likely to inch up," said De Haan.

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