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Sue the T. Rex returning to Discovery Center of Idaho

The popular exhibit will go on display in May 2022.
Credit: Field Museum, photo by Lucy Hewett
SUE is one of the largest T. rex ever discovered, and with scientific updates to the specimen, we now know more about T. rex than ever before – including the gastralia and wishbone.

BOISE, Idaho — A popular exhibit featuring the cast of a real Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton will return to the Discovery Center of Idaho next year. 

Sue the T. Rex is set to go on exhibit beginning May 27th, 2022, thanks to a partnership between Micron and the Discovery Center.

"We last hosted A T. rex Named Sue over five years ago and it was one of the most popular exhibitions ever brought to the Discovery Center. We were able to secure this brand-new version for a short time (only 12 weeks) as it tours the U.S." said Eric Miller, Executive Director. "This all-new exhibition is twice as amazing as last time and features an updated skeleton along with a full-sized SUE - muscles, skin and all - with incredible life-like detail. You won't want to miss it!"

The fossilized skeleton of the real Sue is kept on permanent display at the Field Museum in Chicago. The traveling exhibit coming to Boise measures 40 feet long and 13 feet tall at the hip. The Discovery Center will also have a full-size replica of a T. rex fighting the duck-billed herbivore Edmontosaurus to give visitors a sense of the dinosaur's scale. 

The display will include a light show, touchable casts of dinosaur bones, realistic animations, and other interactive exhibits.

"It's exciting because we get to see how scientists continue to learn more about topics we think we understand by continuing to ask questions and apply critical thinking. Plus, who doesn't love getting the chance to feel what it's like to be up close to a full-grown T. rex?!" said  Education Director Emily Mahon.

For more information about the Discovery Center of Idaho, click here.

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