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Idaho wolf population is decreasing

According to Idaho Fish and Game, most wolf deaths come from hunting and trapping.

IDAHO, USA — According to Idaho Fish and Game, survey's show that within one year, from 2021-2022, the wolf population in Idaho has declined by 206.

"Wolf population reduction has been a priority of the Fish and Game Commission," Idaho Fish and Game Director Ed Schriever said. "There's been a concerted effort by Fish and Game staff, hunters, trappers and other partners and agencies to reduce wolf conflicts with livestock and bring the wolf population in balance with prey species, particularly elk."

Idaho Fish and Game said that most wolf deaths are from trapping and hunting. Other deaths can be from wolf management conducted by the agency and those killed after preying on livestock.

"We are encouraged by efforts that have resulted in a drop in wolf numbers, and this aligns with our long-term goal to reduce Idaho's wolf population. We'd like to see it fluctuate around 500, which is outlined in our draft wolf management plan and aligns with the federal rule that delisted wolves," Schriever said. 

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