RIO DE JANEIRO - Former Boise State hurdler Jordin Andrade will race again in Rio after a ruling was overturned that disqualified him from competition on Monday.

Running in the sixth and final heat of the qualifying round during the morning session, Andrade - who is competing for Cape Verde - established a qualifying time of 49.35 seconds in the 400m hurdles. However, he was disqualified when he allegedly knocked over a hurdle in the final 50 meters of the race on purpose, according to an official.

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Andrade was disqualified under Rule 168.7 which states, “A competitor who trails his foot or leg below the horizontal plane of the top of any hurdle at the instant of clearance, or jumps any hurdle not in his own lane, or in the opinion of the Referee, deliberately knocks down any hurdle by hand or foot, shall be disqualified.”

Cape Verde immediately filed a protest on Andrade's behalf and, eight hours after the race concluded, officials overturned the call and ruled in favor of the former Boise State All-American.

"Another moment of tears," Andrade told KTVB. "Started with frustration because no one seemed to listen. But (it) ended with happiness.

"My phone hasn't stopped ringing, everyone wanted an explanation that I couldn't explain," he added. "I had to sit in my room watching the clock, and prep my body as if I was running the next day just in case."

Now he is.

Andrade is the first Cape Verdian in any sport to ever to make an Olympic semifinal. He will race in heat two at 6:42 PM MT on Tuesday.

Andrade's time of 49.35 in the qualifying round on Monday was just .11 off his personal-best, which he set his senior year at Boise State at the 2015 NCAA Track and Field Championships.