For two Boise State student-athletes the devastation currently happening in Texas is almost too much to handle.

"It's just kind of scary. It's a sick feeling seeing what everybody is going through and see what this tragedy is doing to our city,” said Zach Haney.

Boise State junior basketball player Zach Haney grew up in Humble, Texas -- a suburb located just outside of Houston.

While his immediate family is currently safe, other loved ones have not been so fortunate.

"I probably call them three times a day, be updated as much as you can,” said Haney. "I've had some friends that have had their house flooded, and they've had to evacuate by boat."

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The same goes for linebacker Breydon Boyd -- a true freshman on the Bronco football team.

Boyd is from Katy, Texas, a town located just 30 miles west of the heart of Houston.

"A lot of my friends that I grew up playing football with, their house did not make it through,” said Boyd. "They're all on boats and a lot I haven't heard from them. I hope they're okay."

Brayden's father, Tres, is back in Katy witnessing both aspects that followed the catastrophic storm: the inevitable destruction and the ongoing heroism.

In the meantime, Brayden's mother, Tamara, and his 14-year-old sister, Caroline, are stuck here in Boise.

Nightly updates come from Tres over FaceTime, only prompting their eagerness find a way home themselves and help the rebuild of their beloved community.

As flood waters continue to linger, emotions remain high.

"The other night I told my mom to turn it off because I couldn't watch it anymore,” said Boyd. “That's where I grew up, that's where all my memories are."

But Boise State is doing their best to take care of their own -- one box at a time.

Over the last 24 hours each Bronco athletic program has donated shoes, shirts, socks and more.

Boise State shipped over a dozen boxes to Texas on Wednesday, trying to show the Lone Star State that they are not alone during this time of need, and that southern hospitality has stretched over 1,700 miles away.