BOISE -- The Boise State football team's favorite four-legged helper is getting some major attention - but he's not letting it distract him from the job.

Kohl, the Bronco Tee Dog, went viral on social media after last week’s game against New Mexico. Now, Kohl is getting love from all over the country.

This is his second season with the Broncos. He has one job, and it’s an important one.

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“He retrieves the tee! So after kick off, I tell him 'mark,' and then 'fetch.' He goes and gets the tee and brings it back to me," says Britta Closson.

Closson, a professional dog trainer at Positive Pets, is Kohl's “human."

She says the Kohl had a tough past.

“He was a re-homed dog from another owner, a not-so-nice owner," she said. "So, when we got him he was a little skittish.”

He grew to trust and love Closson, and she knew he was trainable. Soon, he was named the Bronco Tee Dog.

He lives to retrieve, he doesn't care what's going on around him. After last week's game, video of Kohl doing his thing hit Twitter, racking up hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets.

“I woke up the next morning after the game and my boyfriend said did you see this video? It has two million views!" Closson recalled. "I said 'that's crazy, that's so crazy.' I guess it just took one person that had a bunch of followers to post something and then everybody saw it. Everybody started reposting it.”

The Bronco Tee Dog is just one more thing on the blue that makes Bronco home games so special. Closson said the fans are very fond of Kohl, and she has gotten only positive feedback.

But no one is more excited about the job than Kohl.

“He loves it, he loves it," she said. "The more people cheer, the more he's like, 'oh, I'm so excited!'"

Kohl is a multi-sport dog, retrieving the bats for the Boise Hawks in the summer. Fans can see him in action Friday night when Boise State faces off against the Virgina Cavaliers.