We're just three days away from tipoff of the first-round games of the NCAA tournament hosted in Boise at the Taco Bell Arena. City officials are predicting about $15 million to come flowing in because of the influx of people.

As you can imagine, planning for all of these teams, their fans, family and friends heading into town, and all the national media crews that will be in town takes a lot of preparation, from signage to security.

Boise State Associate Athletic Director Joe Nickell says hosting these games is a great opportunity for the university and the city of Boise.

"Boise State's logo is right on the floor," said Nickell. "I mean we consider this a national brand and this is something that's going to be national this week. I think this is the main reason you do something like this to put your brand out there, to showcase what this city is about, what Boise State athletics is about, what Boise State is about. It's a great opportunity for this place."

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As far as security goes, here's what you can expect if you're planning on going to Taco Bell Arena.

Nickell says there will be metal detectors like any Boise State game and bags will be subject to search. Nickell says there is a list of prohibited items including outside food and drinks, wrapped packages or suitcases, selfie sticks, weapons of any kind and more.

When it comes to tickets, you might be finding it difficult to get your hands on some.

"We are out of our allotment of tickets so the only way you can get tickets now is if one of the participating teams did not use their allotment," said Nickell. "Once they have tickets to turn back in that goes to the other seven teams that are here, so then they have the option to pick up the rest of them. Then if there are tickets left after that then that would go to the general public."

Nickell says if those particular tickets coming from BSU's allotment are still available after that process they will be available at the ticket office after noon on Wednesday.

If you aren't able to physically be at the games, the teams start open practices on Wednesday morning. Parking in the lot between Albertsons Stadium and Taco Bell Arena will be free and open to the public so you can still have a chance to see NCAA action.