BOISE, Idaho — As the Broncos cap off their first week of practice, it's important to remember that there is a fun side to fall camp.

On the left side of Boise State's offensive line, John Molchon and Ezra Cleveland make up one of the more impressive guard-tackle combos in the country.

They're also two of more interesting guys on the team, and both made significant changes over the summer. 

"I wanted to do a little bit different with the hair, I wanted to grow it out for once," Molchon said of his new mullet during Mountain West Media Days in Las Vegas last month.

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But it wasn't until fall practice that he let his mullet loose.

"I've never had long hair in my life so it's a good time to do it in fall camp."

But not everyone loves his new 'do.

"My mom doesn't like it," Molchon said. "My mom keeps telling me to get it styled and I don't know what  she means by that."

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As for Ezra Cleveland, the 310-pound all-Mountain West left tackle recently discovered the benefits of driving a minibike, even if it may look a little silly.

"There's motorcycle parking in every parking lot," Cleveland said. "If there's all the parking taken like it is outback, I park right next to the backdoor. It just makes my life a little easier."

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