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Boise State football player helps Bronco teammates register to vote

The Broncos' offensive lineman Donte Harrington realized many of his teammates didn't know where to start when it came to registering to vote.

BOISE, Idaho — Throughout his injuries, Boise State offensive lineman Donte Harrington has always had an ability to make the most of his time off the field.

Recently, he has become very active in voter registration, something he said spoke to him. After noticing that his teammates were interested in registering to vote but did not know where to start, he decided to dedicate his time to help them get registered.

"With all the injuries and stuff, just trying my best to make the most of my time and I found that that was something that I could accomplish," Harrington said.

Below are excerpts from Harrington's interview with KTVB sports director Jay Tust.

Jay Tust: Do you feel like it was worth your time? Did you guys have success? Were there surprises involved?

Donte Harrington: It was great. Well, really it stemmed from basketball and all the work that those coaches in it kind of permeated throughout the athletics department. It was definitely worth our time. If I could even help a handful of people get registered and take away some of that fear or uncertainty, I'm definitely happy to help.

Jay Tust: We saw something where almost the entire basketball team was registered to vote. What would you say about the football team?

Donte Harrington: We have a large amount of guys voting and with just with the one event we had too, that was a lot of guys that were first-time voters. A group of us were already registered to vote, whether it be in Idaho or our home states, especially with everything going on with COVID and registrations. It was definitely something that I was really happy that we could get done.

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