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The next level: Southern Idaho prep athletes' college signings for 2022

An overview of Southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon athletes who have verbally committed to play at the collegiate level.
Credit: Mountain View High School
Naya Ojukwu (Mountain View) - University of Utah volleyball

BOISE, Idaho — An overview of Southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon athletes who have verbally committed to play at the collegiate level. Athletes are categorized by the high school they attend and schools are listed in alphabetical order below. 

If we have missed any players, or an athlete has recently committed, please email us at ktvbhss@ktvb.com and we will add them to our list.

As of Feb. 2, athletes from more than 40 different high schools in southwest Idaho and neighboring Oregon schools have committed to play at the collegiate level. KTVB's list includes more than 200 athletes, with the sport they play and the college they are attending listed alongside their name.

Credit: KTVB


Sydney Lamb (Cross Country) - Carroll College

Emma Baeth (Cross Country & Track) - Southern Oregon University

Lacy Churchfield (Volleyball) - Pacific University


Austin Jones (Baseball) - Clark Community College

Christopher Martino (Wrestling) - Princeton University

Blake Hawthorne (Basketball) - University of Chicago

James Onanubosi (Track) - University of Arizona

Jack Foster (Football) - University of Idaho

Kaylee Little (Basketball) - Carroll College

Lexi Chatterton (Soccer) - Boise State University

Kaysie Jolley (Softball) - Central Methodist University

Rowan Hynes (Lacrosse) - Robert Morris University

Morgan Sauerwein (Cross country & track) - Aquinas College 

Jake Inouye (Football) - College of Idaho

Seth Knothe (Football) - Boise State University (PWO)

Ysabella Villegas (Softball)- College of Idaho

Gabby Rinker (Cross country & track) - Carroll College

Tyler Stoker (Cross country & track) - Hawaii Pacific University

Marques McFadden (Football) - College of Idaho

Makayla Stoker (Softball) - Montana State Unversity Billings

Aiden McGarvin (Basketball) - Carroll College

Cormac Mullin (Track) - U.S. Naval Academy

Nicholas Taugher (Soccer) - Warner Pacific University

Jake Dahl (Soccer) - Carroll College

Caden Casagrande (Baseball)- University of the Pacific


Logan Smith (Soccer) - Stanford University

Mason Lawyer (Track) - Washington State University

Riley Gibson ( Soccer) - Carleton College

Sophie HIlls (Soccer) - University of Portland (2023)

Liam Murray (Cross Country & Track) - Dartmouth University

Ashley Banks (Basketball) - Southern Utah University

Luka Biggs (Soccer) - Westminster College

Madeline Colborn (Soccer) - Westminster College

Hatcher Hild (Baseball) - Wofford College

Ava Oakland (Basketball) - Caroll College

Jamie Hamlin (Cross Country & Track) - Oregon State University

Ella Nelson (Basketball) - Lewis-Clark State College

Nekane Powell (Cycling) - Colorado Mesa University

Lane Thurber (Lacrosse) - Fort Lewis College

Darci DeAngelis (Lacross) - Smith College

Erika Gustafson (Softball) - Denison University

Annika Zuschlag (Cross Country & Track) - University of Massachusetts

Avary Spoja (Volleyball) - Montana State University Billings

Cooper Nixon (Baseball) - Northwest Nazarene University

Aubrey Bureau (Swimming) - University of Idaho

Ella Bureau (Swimming) - University of Idaho 

Nicholas Liebich (Soccer) - Lafayette College 

Sawyer Luthy (Soccer) - College of Idaho

Chase Kluksdal (Soccer) - Westminster College


Jayden McNeal (Basketball) - Eastern Washington University

Neva Broermann (Soccer) - Blue Mountain Community College

Itzel Torres (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Ethan Gardner (Baseball) - Wenatchee Valley Community College

Taylor Fry (Softball) - North Idaho College

Maggie Sawyer (Basketball & Softball) - Willamette University

Ellie Kubena (Soccer) - Western Colorado University

Maddie Montoya (Golf) - Montana State University

Ishimbeca Yangya (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Mmunga Juma (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College 

Heri Mkoko (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College 

Jake Packer (Football) - University of Minnesota Morris

Ethan Herbert (Football) - Concordia University (Wisconsin)

Rayzhon Bergersen (Basketball) - Northwest Nazarene University


Nevada Schroeder (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College


Amari Whiting (Basketball) - BYU (2023)

Joel Rojas (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Lynzey Searle (Track) - Weber State University

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Caleb Bettis (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Evelyn Araiza (Soccer) - Everett Community College

Marissa Jiminez (Wrestling) - Oklahoma City University

Chris Aguilera (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Brian Ramirez (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Nick Caceres (Soccer) - Spokane Community College

Daniel Torres (Soccer) - Spokane Community College

Koehn Kildow (Soccer) - Spokane Community College 

Ernesto Hernandez (Soccer) - Spokane Community College 

Stephanie Bryson (Softball) - Columbia Basin College

Aidan Go (Wrestling) - University of Providence

Cameron Morales (Track) - Treasure Valley Community College 

Auggie Pena (Baseball) - Grays Harbor College


Jacob Miller (Cross country & track) - Multnomah University

Aaron Seitz (Cross country & track) - College of Idaho


Ashley Botz (Basketball) - Mount Mary University

Breken Clarke (Basketball) - Bethany College


Richardo Estrada Barajas (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Natiu Yemane (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College 

Mason Millar (Baseball) - Walla Walla Community College

Carolyn Turpen (Softball) - Western Oregon University

Maggie Shirazi (Track) - Boise State University


Annie Stinar (Basketball) - University of Wyoming

Tyler Dalos (Tennis) - Eastern Washington University

Abby Draghici (Volleyball) - Pierce Community College

Emma Bigelow (Soccer) - Northwest College

Kyle Schabot (Baseball) - Saint Martin's University

Maggie Kozlowski (Soccer) - Shoreline Community College

Brooklyn Lough (Soccer) - Spokane Community College

Asia Lawyer (Soccer) - Boise State University (2023)


Samantha Wind (Soccer - Kuna) - Trinity Christian College

Ellie Fraas (Volleyball) - The Master's University

Grace Singpraseuth (Golf) - Southern Utah University

Keelin Stewart (Cross Country/Track) - Northwest Nazarene University

Lincoln Gee (Football) - University of Idaho (2023)


Kennedy Flint (Soccer) - Eastern Oregon University

Simon Graeber (Wrestling) - Southern Oregon University

Angie Rios (Wrestling) - Southern Oregon University 

Andrew Choat (Wrestling) - Southern Oregon University 

Nico Rodriguez (Wrestling) - Utah Valley University

Levi Wilson (Wrestling) - Wayland Baptist University

Kristen Jonas (Soccer) - Blue Mountain Community College

Bonee Siwatwa (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Lexi Robertson (Basketball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Trenton Johnson (Cross Country/Track) - Lewis-Clark State College

Jose Rodriguez (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College 


Derek Matthews (Wrestling) - Northern Colorado


Bret Housel (Baseball) - Mesa Community College

Austin Spoklie (Lacrosse) - Aurora University

Madison Ogawa (Volleyball) - Edmonds Community College

Brooke Patterson (Golf) - University of Cinncinati 

Mason Garcia (Baseball) - University of Texas at Dallas

Fisher Clements (Football) - University of Northern Colorado

Mackenzie Dazhan (Soccer) - Bushnell University

Tara Murphy (Volleyball) - Edmonds Community College

Jackson Stampfli (Football) - College of Idaho

Liv Wieber (Wrestling) - Eastern Oregon University

Josiah Shubert (Baseball) - Lower Columbia Community College

Brock White (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Jordan Steele (Lacrosse) - College of Idaho

Sydney Groves (Softball) - Boise State University

Brynna Gestrin (Softball) - Western Nebraska Community College

Ty Henson (Football) - Carroll College

Sydney Gunnerson (Lacrosse) - Dominican University 

Gage Jones (Football) - Idaho State University

Jack Benson (Football) - Idaho State University

Jake Prewett (Baseball) - Pacific Lutheran University

Ethan Mikita (Football) - Boise State University (PWO)

Annie Swanson (Softball) - Vanguard University

Gabbi Roberts (Volleyball) - Steven Institute of Technology

Mackenzie Dazhan (Soccer) - Bushnell University

Katelyn Walker (Rugby) - Dartmouth College

Emily Houck (Track) - Central Washington University

Faith Burris (Volleyball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Ethan Cutler (Soccer) - Eastern Oregon University

Aspen Carter (Basketball) - Edmonds Community College

Makayla Stice (Basketball) - Treasure Valley Community College 


David Bratcher (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Landon Helms (Track & Field) - Texas A&M University

Luis Ramirez (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Camden Young (Football) - College of Idaho

Tanner Wilkerson (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Kylie Yanzuk (Softball) - University of Jamestown

Eric Ayala (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Diego Martin del Campo (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Jesse Ayala (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College 

Jeremy Chayama (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College 

Forrest Tomlin (Cross Country & Track) - Treasure Valley Community College 

Kamryn Alder (Basketball) - Big Bend Community College


Alli Alger (Volleyball) - Blue Mountain Community College


Emma Hillam (Cross Country & Track) - Utah State University

Faith George (Soccer) - North Idaho College

Madison Tesnohildek (Soccer) - Spokane Community College

Melissa Herrera (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Jaylin Ingram (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Mikaili Pena (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Ashtyn Frazier (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Graycie Huff (Basketball) - Green River Community College

Jacob Pett (Cross Country) - Treasure Valley Community College

Brodie Grief (Cross Country/Track) - Treasure Valley Community College

Sage McDaniel (Volleyball) - Treasure Valley Community College 

Mark Church (Cross Country/Track) - Eastern Oregon University


Sara Vanderwyk (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho


Colston Loveland (Football) - University of Michigan

Edgar Damian Rios Negrete (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Vanessa Reyes (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College 

Kurtis Adkinson (Football) - Idaho State University

Dakota Sage (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Braden Brown (Golf) - College of Idaho

Reece Fleming (Volleyball) - Dawson Community College

Tayten Gillette (Wrestling) - University of Northern Colorado


Grace Dixon (Cross Country/Track) - Lewis-Clark State College


Dalli Elison (Cross Country/Track) - Lewis-Clark State College


Colten Meyer (Football & Lacrosse) - College of Idaho


Madyson Arellano (Softball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Mervin Ruiz (Soccer) - Columbia Basin College

Angel Cortez (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Esteban Reynaga (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Mackenzie Miller (Golf) - Lewis-Clark State College

Janet Murillo (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College 

Ubaldo Palacios (Soccer) - North Idaho College


Reece Garey (Golf) - Lewis-Clark State College

Macee Cook (Soccer) - University of Providence

Jaxon Blair (Track & Field) - University of Arkansas

Brennen Chappell (Baseball) - College of Southern Idaho

Isabella Osterman (Soccer) - Blue Mountain Community College

Marlon Rodriguez (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College


Kevin Brekke (Baseball) - Ottawa University

Malia Lowe (Cross Country & Track) - Utah State University

Aiden Harrington (Baseball) - Columbia Basin College

Nicholas Fontaine (Baseball) - Odessa College

Kenyon Ponce (Soccer) - University of Minnesota at Morris

Natasja Davis (Soccer) - College of Idaho

Antonio Basterrechea (Football) - Carroll College

Payton Talbot (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Madelynne Hommel (Softball) - North Idaho College

Leata Senio (Softball) - North Idaho College 

Julien Harrington (Golf) - Colorado Mesa University

Cael Palmer (Wrestling) - Grand View University

Naomi Doman (Volleyball) - Clackamas Community College

Aliana Giddings (Softball) - Walla Walla Community College

Gavin Gordon (Basketball) - Treasure Valley Community College 


Donavon Green (Basketball) - South Puget Sound Community College

Ethan Tiney (Basketball) - College of Idaho

Ally Sofaly (Cross Country & Track) - College of Idaho

Sam Weller (Cross Country & Track) - Lewis-Clark State College


Dillon Stosich (Football) - Willamette University

Laura Forsgren (Volleyball) - Big Bend Community College

Jeffrey Fahey (Baseball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Reuben Manzer (Track) - Treasure Valley Community College 

Joe Reiber (Track) - University of Idaho


Cade White (Wrestling) - Oregon State University

Quentin Riley (Football) - Utah State University

Kyndra Lyons (Soccer) - College of Idaho

Viviana Ochoa (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Relaina Ramierez (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Nik Gibb (Baseball) - Shoreline Community College

Kylee Edwards (Volleyball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Kaila Mederios (Track) - Idaho State University

Malakai Martinez (Football) - Golden West College

Ethan Beard (Football) - University of Idaho (2023)


Payton Hymas (Basketball) - Lewis-Clark State College

Nathanael Warwick (Baseball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Cameron Johnson (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Bradyn Ruggles (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Bryon Blau (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Kelsey Severa (Soccer) - Everett Community College

Dylyn Davis (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Alexa Stetson (Cross Country/Track) - Treasure Valley Community College

Reesa Whitworth (Volleyball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Sierra Klinchurch (Waterskiing) - Florida Southern College

Devon Laprath (Golf) - North Idaho College

Tyler Medaris (Basketball) - Utah Valley University

Brody Kemble (Track) - Northwest Nazarene University


Dallis Shockey (Golf) - Lewis-Clark State College


Reece Floyd (Softball) - University of Jamestown

Regan McDaniel (Softball) - Walla Walla Community College

Ceana Floyd (Volleyball) - Finlandia University

Jenna Oppedyk (Volleyball) - Dordt University

Gunnar Clark (Football) - Idaho State University

Brandon Bethel (Football) - University of Utah 


Avery McBride (Soccer) - Boise State University

Naya Ojukwu (Volleyball & Basketball) - University of Utah

Cydney Ziegler (Soccer) - Point Loma Nazarene University

Natalie Oyler (Lacrosse) - Dominican University

Paige Runcorn (Soccer) - Everett Community College

Chloe Robinson (Softball) - Walla Walla Community College

Aiden Whipple (Football) - Central Washington University

Dylan Logsdon (Baseball & Basketball) - Eureka College

Blake Logsdon (Baseball & Basketball) - Eureka College

Sosaia Raass (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Garrett McKenna (Football) - Idaho State University

Austin Schultsmeier (Football) - Boise State University (PWO)

Jackson Beck (Football) - Morningside University

Dominic Sotomayor (Football) - Valley City State University

Brody Rasmussen (Baseball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Anderson Kron (Track) - Northwest Nazarene University

Genevieve Kelly (Softball) - Midamerica Nazarene University

Ellie Patterson (Lacrosse) - Southern Virginia University

Tyler Halford (Football, Track) - College of Idaho

Madison Schmidt (Volleyball) - Greenville College

Emmy Green (Volleyball) - University of Idaho

Kaytlynn Thompson (Volleyball) - North Idaho College

Riley Kaiser (Volleyball) - Evergreen State College

Mia Trotter (Volleyball) - Utah State University Eastern

Jazmyn Jenkins (Softball) - North Idaho College

Anderson Kron (Track) - Northwest Nazarene University


Piper Curry (Basketball) - Lewis & Clark College

Audrah Radford (Volleyball) - Utah State University 

Carson Rich (Baseball) - Skagit Valley College

Trais Higgins (Football) - University of Idaho

Peyton Munson (Wrestling) - Umpqua Community College

Reagan Young (Volleyball) - Spokane Community College

Tristen McMahan (Soccer) - Lane Community College


Dane Bradshaw (Baseball) - Oregon Tech

Landon Cheney (Baseball) - Oregon Tech

Grady Mylander (Cross Country & Track) - Utah State University

Harlee Ferdinand (Softball) - George Fox University

Daidan Glenn (Baseball) - Buena Vista University

Caleb Johnson (Lacrosse) - North Greenville University

Alexandra Tinsley (Volleyball) - Lower Columbia Community College

Carson Atwood (Baseball) - Northwest Nazarene University

Josh Lady (Cross Country & Track) - Northwest Nazarene University 

Simon de Jong (Track) - Dordt University

Celia Vander Woude (Track) - Dordt University 

Liberty Wiles (Track) - Evangel University


Jenna Elizarraras (Swimming) - Minnesota State University - Mankato


Dane Jones (Football) - University of Western Montana


Alondra Tinoco (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Jesus Hernandez (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Xochitl Covarrubias (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College 


Jake Payne (Basketball) - Colorado State University

Zac Nyland (Football) - Montana State University

Carson Rasmussen (Football) - Boise State University (2023)

Drayton Black (Baseball) - Modesto Junior College


Skylar Erickson (Volleyball) - University of Wyoming

Katie Compas (Volleyball) - Utah State University Eastern

Chanlar O'Neil (Volleyball) - College of Idaho

Austyn Harris (Basketball) - Eastern Oregon University


Issak Garcia (Tennis) - Treasure Valley Community College 


Caleb Manker (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Reiss McIntyre (Softball) - North Idaho College

Koleton Scheffler (Track) - Treasure Valley Community College

Issac Mercer (Basketball) - College of Idaho

James McCaw Jr. (Soccer) - Blue Mountain Community College

Emmitt Scheffer (Track) - Treasure Valley Community College


Jada Torpey (Soccer) - Utah State University

Tryne Tamminge (Soccer) - Idaho State University

Ainsley Terada (Soccer) - Wright State University

Nadia Kincaid (Soccer) - Boise State University

Violet Rademacher (Soccer) - University of Portland

Madison Murphy (Soccer) - North Idaho College

Hailey Murphy (Soccer) - North Idaho College

Jackson Mason (Football) - University of Idaho

Mason Jacobsen (Football) - Boise State University (PWO)

Hunter Steacker (Football) - Boise State University (PWO) 

Justin Douglas (Football) - Idaho State University

Connor Christensen (Baseball) - Masters University

Braden Lewis (Baseball) - Lawrence Tech

Luke Jensen (Wrestling) - Corban University

Mylee Carver (Soccer) - Dixie State University

Marli Reed (Basketball) - Westminster College

Kaitlyn Slocum (Soccer) - Boise State University (2023)

Ellie Stoll (Soccer) - Trinity Christian College

Israel Segura (Soccer) - Clarks Summit University

Peyton Fox (Soccer) - Spokane Community College

Thomas Ogden (Cross Country/Track) - Eastern Oregon University

Tyler Jones (Wrestling) - Utah Valley University

Brenna Murphy (Volleyball) - Edmonds Community College

Davis Mauzy (Baseball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Jackson Fullmer (Football) - Kansas State University (2023)


Eden Bower (Volleyball) - BYU

Alex Acevedo (Volleyball) - University of Oregon (2024)

Clay Shumaker (Cross Country & Track) - Lewis-Clark State College

Florentino Galvan (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Taylor Brewer (Softball) - Southwestern Oregon Community College

Summer Makinster (Softball) - North Idaho College

Charlie Mickelson (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Camden Young (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Alivia Tindall (Soccer) - University of Sioux Falls

Sean Murphy (Basketball) - Grinnell College

Manuel Lomeli III (Soccer) - Pierce Community College

Hallee Schelhaas (Basketball) - Rocky Mountain College

Colton Fleshman (Football) - South Dakota School of Mines


Logan Miller (Baseball) - Oregon State University 

Sophie Glancey (Basketball) - Northern Arizona University

Hayden Wilsey (Soccer) - Boise State University

Audrey Taylor (Basketball) - Northern Arizona University 

Owen Payn (Baseball) - The Master's University

Junior Garcia (Baseball) - College of Southern Idaho

Kailer Saunders (Baseball) - Northwest Nazarene University

Carson Hampton (Cycling) - Colorado Mesa University 

Garrett Miller (Baseball) - College of Southern Idaho

Blake Kiesau (Lacrosse) - University of Denver

Braxton Renz (Lacrosse) - Dominican University

Afton Rasco (Soccer) - Colorado School of Mines

Taylor Marcum (Football) - Boise State University

Liam Reeves (Football) - Dickinson State University

McKenna Harris (Soccer) - College of Idaho

Chris Schaefer (Baseball) - Sonoma State University

Kennedy Belnap (Soccer) - Oklahoma Panhandle State

Garrett Lavin (Football) - South Dakota School of Mines 

Sean Janecko (Cross Country & Track) - Gonzaga University

Kaleena Narus (Cross Country & Track) - Cal State Sacramento

DJ Burnham (Football) - College of Idaho

Jonathan Wattles (Track) - Lewis-Clark State College

Kristine Croghan (Cheer) - College of Southern Idaho

Thomas Ogden (Cross Country & Track) - Eastern Oregon University

Amber Thornton (Softball) - Boise State University

Lauren McCall (Basketball) - University of San Diego (2023)

Abby Stamper (Cross Country & Track) - Boise State University

Brynn Celani (Track) - Point Loma Nazarene University


Kaylin Bailey (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Reagan Rex (Softball) - College of Southern Idaho

Emily Miller (Soccer) - North Idaho College

Abigail Williams (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Otho Dyllon Savage (Baseball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Krystian Clopton (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Mikey Gaxiola (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College 


Spencer Fiske (Football) - College of Idaho

John Wolfe (Football) - College of Idaho

Tanner Steele (Football) - College of Idaho

Kade Kurata (Baseball) - Eastern Oregon University


Brooke Garman (Volleyball) - Central Washington University

Zachary Garner (Baseball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Keelie Hancock (Softball) - Skagit Valley Community College

Casey Cope (Football) - College of Idaho

Kaden Huffman (Baseball) - Midland University

Gracie Soto (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Lizbeth Soto (Soccer) - Spokane Community College

Gattlyn Childs (Lacrosse) - College of Idaho

Jacob Martinez (Basketball) - University of Antelope Valley

Andre Gonzalez (Cross country & track) - Spokane Falls Community College


Tanner Beltz-Childs (Track) - Lewis-Clark State College


Whitney Cordes (Softball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Brett Spencer (Football) - Idaho State University

Edgar Torres (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Alfonso Hernandez (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College 

Edgar Ayala (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Mecarte Olsen (Softball) - Treasure Valley Community College 

Marcos Tarelo Edgar Ayala (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College 


Hunter Thompson (Baseball) - Deleware State University

Zoe Bacca (Soccer) - Orange Coast College


Clair Hodge (Twin Falls) - North Idaho College to College of Idaho soccer

George Tarlas (Borah) - Weber State University to Boise State University football

Addison Ribordy (Eagle) - North Idaho College to Eastern Oregon University

Anna Tindall (Skyview 2020) - Oklahoma Baptist University to Augustana University

Evan Harmon (Skyview 2021) - Central Arizona College to Arizona State University baseball 

Callie Baker (Mountain View 2020) - Walla Walla Community College to College of Idaho soccer

Madison Hicks (Twin Falls 2020) - Utah State University Eastern to Eastern Oregon University soccer

Analise Hitchock (Bishop Kelly 2021) - St. Martin's University to College of Idaho volleyball

Christian Blake (Bishop Kelly 2021) - Laramie County Community College to University of Idaho volleyball

Donovan Sanor (Meridian 2021) - Contra Costa College to Lincoln University basketball

Kolby Lee (Rocky Mountain) - Dixie State University to Idaho State University basketball

Jaden Hansen (Eagle) - College of Southern Idaho to Eastern Oregon University basketball

Darrian Hoobery (Weiser) - Missouri Valley College to Eastern Oregon University wrestling

Ike George (Bishop Kelly) - Paradise Valley Community College to Cal State Bakersfield baseball

Demonte Horton (Skyview) - Idaho State University to Central Washington University football

McCray Mort (Burley) - College of Idaho to Idaho State University football

Beau Shields (Weiser) - Southern Arkansas University to Eastern Oregon University football

Alain Murhala (Timberline) - Boise State University to Warner Pacific University soccer

Kekana Fouret (Columbia) - Utah Valley University to Oregon State University wrestling

Jalen Callender (Caldwell) - College of Southern Idaho to Montana State University Northern basketball

Khye Montoya (Meridian) - Treasure Valley Community College to Spring Arbor University baseball

Danny Burns (Rocky Mountain) Yakima Valley College to Eastern Oregon University baseball

Kennedi Evans (Nampa Christian) - University of Utah to University of Hawaii volleyball

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