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2021 Southern Idaho college commitments signing list

An overview of Southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon athletes who have verbally committed to play at the collegiate level.

An overview of Southern Idaho athletes who have verbally committed to play at the collegiate level. Athletes are categorized by the high school they attend. If we have missed any players, or an athlete has recently committed, please email us at ktvbhss@ktvb.com and we'll add them to our list. 


Carly Carter (Golf) - University of Wisconsin at Madison

Aidan Culligan (Lacrosse) - Dubuque University

Josh Johnson (Track) - Northwest Nazarene University


Mason VanArsdall (Baseball) - Eastern Oregon University

Jake Cuzick (Cross Country) - Mount St. Mary's

Shayana Ruby (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College


Alicia Chatterton (Soccer) - Boise State University

Caden Casagrande (Baseball) - Washington State University

Gabe Machado (Swimming) - Stanford University

Christian Blake (Volleyball) - Laramie County Community College

Anna Ranieri (Cross Country/Track) - Saint Mary's College

Blake Waldmann (Soccer) - Carroll College

Leighton Blythe (Football) - South Dakota School of Mines

Molly Connor (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho

Jacob Troescher (Swimming) - Colorado Mesa University

Jaiden Rodrigues (Track) - Westmont College

Lauren Gauna (Volleyball) - St. Andrews University

Colby Weikert (Football) - Sterling College

Grace Mulcahy (Soccer) - North Idaho College

Keegan Croteau (Football) - Idaho State University


Bre Norris (Soccer) - University of Portland

Kendra McDaniel (Soccer) - Oregon State University 

Allison Ross (Basketball) - Hawaii Pacific University

Ashley Banks (Basketball) - Southern Utah University

Whitt Miller (Basketball) - College of Idaho

Nathan Quarterman (Swimming) - University of Texas

Logan Smith (Soccer) - Standford University (2022)

Kayden Hulquist (Soccer) - Pacific Luthern University

Peter Schiess (Lacrosse) - Dubuque University

Katy Cooper (Volleyball) - Lower Columbia College

Brice Warden (Golf) - Bellevue Community College

Kate Black (Volleyball) - Eastern Oregon University

Gracie Maulik (Lacrosse) - Whitman College

Henry Drydem (Football) - South Dakota School of Mines

Quinn Haigwood (Golf) - Montana State University Billings

Grace McCormick (Cross Country) - Lewis-Clark State College

Yale Spoja (Volleyball) - College of Southern Idaho

Luke Ammirati (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho

Rosina Machu (Cross Country/Track) - Gonzaga

Andrea Cernuda (Cross Country/Track) - University of South Dakota

Lauren Lanfear (Cross Country/Track) - University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Audrey Smith (Cross Country/Track) - University of Montana

Anders Covey (Cross Country/Track) - Western Colorado University

Emmerson Cooper (Soccer) - Willamette University

Emily Caldwell (Golf) - Washington State University

Braden Black (Cross Country/Track) - Eastern Oregon University

Kellan Hayes (Volleyball) - Pomona-Pitzer College

Cooper Howell (Basketball) - Lewis-Clark State College

Toby Caldara (Soccer) - Clark Community College


Nathan Green (Cross Country & Track) - University of Washington

Kaden Paskewitz (Baseball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Chloe Flynn (Soccer) - Eastern Oregon University

Kolsen Hawker (Lacrosse) - Northwest Nazarene University

Jessica Kraus (Swimming) - University of Nevada Reno

Logan Calkins (Baseball) - Walla Walla Community College

Payton Hunter (Football) - College of Idaho

Braden Sawyer (Tennis) - University of Puget Sound

Tanner Nett (Football & Track) - Eastern Oregon University

Helene Pereda (Soccer) - Northwest Nazarene University

Madeline McClain (Volleyball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Olivia Nielson (Volleyball) - Northwest Nazarene University


Alondra Quezada (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Tenlee Scott (Golf) - College of Idaho

Lina Garcia (Soccer) - Shoreline Community College

Dustin Dominguez-Reza (Soccer) - Columbia Basin College

Eden Schilder (Volleyball) - Walla Walla Community College


Edgar Anguiano (Soccer) - Blue Mountain Community College

Slayder Watterson (Baseball) - Eastern Oregon University


Damian Arguello (Soccer) - Salt Lake City Community College

Jamar Gowen (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho

Jesus “Chuy” Gonzalez (Soccer) - Lane Community College

Courtney Williams (Basketball & Softball) - Gray's Harbor College

Payton Childers (Soccer) - Clark Community College


Steven Lagrone (Baseball) - Columbia Basin College

Ian Hughes (Baseball) - Columbia Basin College

Lanie Elliott (Volleyball) - Edmonds Community College

Hannah Zdenek (Volleyball) - Edmonds Community College

Zoey Beebe (Soccer) - North Idaho College

Michael De La Torre (Soccer) - North Idaho College

Mercedez Pina (Volleyball) - Central Wyoming College

Alyssa Ortiz (Volleyball) - Spokane Community College


Jackson Reed (Baseball) - Seattle University 

Charley Hastriter (Wrestling) - Oregon State University 

Scott Lileks (Lacrosse) - Concordia University (WI)

Koyote Zimmerman (Soccer, Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho

Cade Larson (Rugby) - Boise State University

Paul Shutt (Swimming) - University of Missouri

Justus Del Rio (Football) - University of San Diego

Alexie Johnson (Track & Field) - Northwest Nazarene University

Lizzie Ramey (Track & Field) - Utah Valley University

Hannah Stone (Softball) - College of the Siskiyous

Gina Dudley (Tennis) - Dominican University

Cooper Dalton (Baseball) - Shoreline Community College

Kaden Reimer (Football) - Pacific Lutheran University

Megan Rose (Track) - University of Utah


Kylie Wood (Basketball) - St. Catherine University


Jade Maldonado (Soccer) - Georgia Southwestern State University

Mya Sciola (Soccer) - Edmonds Community College

Griffin Teuber (Soccer) - North Idaho College

Libby Breckon (Swimming) - Augustana University

Aubrey Thueson (Cross Country/Track) - Utah State University

Ethan Root (Baseball) - Dawson Community College

Brooklin Champion (Volleyball & Softball) - Linfield College

Gavin Ozuna (Football) - College of Idaho

Lukas Broadsworth (Basketball) - Kalamazoo College 

Elle Ogata (Volleyball) - Olympic College

Jai Solis (Soccer) - North Idaho College

Gavin Viano (Baseball) - Spokane Community College

Joshua Cunningham (Swimming) - University of Puget Sound

Miya Koch (Volleyball) - Fort Lewis College

Harrison Fletcher (Basketball) - Walla Walla Community College

Trey Nelson (Baseball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Kegan Arrington (Track) - Idaho State University

Mike Schulikov (Track & Field) - Idaho State University

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Dawson Lee (Football) - Dordt University

Benjamin Ralston (Track & Field)- Montana State University Billings

Desirae Kingery (Volleyball) -Southwestern Oregon Community College

Abby Zent (Cross Country/Track) - Montana State University Billings

Jason Caven (Cross Country) - Colorado Christian University


Peyton Dion (Soccer) - Idaho State University

Kaylee Fone (Soccer) - Spokane Community College

Vidalia Duran (Soccer) - Blue Mountain Community College

Yessi Morales (Soccer) - Umpqua Community College

Joseph Schulkins (Basketball) - Southwestern Oregon Community College

Jaylen Alexander (Basketball) - Pima Community College

Mia Nottingham (Basketball) - Big Bend Community College

Jaina Pearce (Volleyball) - Big Bend Community College


Abigail Shaw (Volleyball) - College of Idaho


Kylie Shumway (Volleyball) - Dawson Community College

Sam Mahon (Football) - Eastern Oregon University


Wes Shaw (Rodeo) - College of Southern Idaho


Sophie Drown (Soccer) - Boise State University  

Ashlyn Graham (Soccer) - College of Idaho  

Kyle Garner (Tennis) - Air Force Academy 

Bradie Garven (Soccer) - University of Idaho 

Sydney Groves (Softball) - Boise State University

Lizzy Dildine (Cross Country & Track) - BYU

Tyler Krueck (Baseball) - Pacific University

Ella Harris (Cross Country/Track) - Colorado State University-Pueblo

Pascal Kazadi (Baseball) - Shoreline Community College

Kloe Williams (Rugby) - Grand Canyon University

Caden Wallace (Football) - College of Idaho

Bailey Blancett (Soccer) - Northwest Nazarene University

Amelia Buyers (Swimming) - University of Idaho

Ben Ford (Football) - Boise State University

Austin Pease (Football) - Whitworth University

Parker Diffey (Football) - Southwest Minnesota State University

Issac Deedon (Basketball) - University of Northwestern St. Paul

Sarah Carillo (Track & Field) - Utah Valley University

Christine Cho (Golf) - Northwest Nazarene University

Courtland Horton (Football) - Idaho State University

Brett Tommasini (Football) - University of Idaho

McCall Pugh (Soccer) - University of Colorado - Colorado Springs

Hillary Victory (Softball) - Tyler Junior College

Spencer Warner (Baseball) - Tacoma Community College

Chase Hilde (Baseball) - Saint Mary's College

Beau Barowsky (Baseball) - Gray's Harbor College

Sydney Pecoraro (Softball) - Boston University

Cannon Morgan (Baseball) - Southwestern Oregon Community College

Naeve Rodgers (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho

Ruby Stewart (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho


Jackson Maxwell (Football) - Norwich University

Roman Lake (Baseball) - Central Washington University

Taylor Layne (Football) - University of Montana Western

Lacy Yates (Track & Field) - Weber State University

Trey Holsclaw (Football) - Midamerica Nazarene University

Axel Sanchez (Football) - Montana State University-Northern

Gwendolyn King (Basketball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Gage Larson (Baseball) - Los Medanos College  

Jazzy Jenkins (Basketball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Bella Leiby (Volleyball) - York College

Mackenzie Fletcher (Basketball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Ryan Solis (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Renso Orozco (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College 

Tim Williams (Baseball) - Big Bend Community College

Chelsea Brennan (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College


Samantha Taylor (Softball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Ella Fischer (Basketball) - College of Southern Idaho

Kathleen Hale (Basketball) - Linn Benton Community College

Griselda Vasquez (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Emma DeKiewiet (Volleyball) - Finlandia University 


Weston Jefferies (Track) - University of Idaho

Miguel Rios (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Roger Gonzalez (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College


Covey Kelly (Basketball) - Walla Walla Community College

Josh Gillespie (Basketball) - Walla Walla Community College


Ellie Stockham (Track) - Idaho State University

Zach Curtsinger (Track & Field) - College of Idaho

Rebekah Rose (Cheer) - College of Idaho

Colston Loveland (Football) - University of Michigan (2022)


Jordyn Young (Softball) - Walla Walla Community College


Tommy Muir (Baseball) - Umpqua Community College

Gracie Rotter (Cheer) - College of Idaho

Kaydince Turner (Wrestling) - Hastings College 

Savannah Turner (Wrestling) - Hastings College


JW James (Football) - University of Minnesota Morris

Jayden McIntyre (Football) - University of Minnesota Morris

Peyton Harrison (Softball) - Walla Walla Community College

George Showers (Cross Country) - College of Southern Idaho

Jose Valenzuela (Soccer) - Columbia Basin College

Olga Avalos-Fregozo (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Alex Lugo (Soccer) - Spokane Community College

Adelyn Wells (Basketball) - Colorado Northwestern Community College

McCarty Stoddard (Softball) - College of Idaho

Hannah Schvaneveldt (Basketball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Taeo Schneider (Track) - Lane Community College


Hayden Anthony (Baseball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Sarah Depew (Volleyball) - Green River College

Emma Jensen (Volleyball) - College of Southern Idaho

Zak Abbott (Baseball) - Salem University

Brinley Iverson (Softball) - College of Idaho


Courtney Weatherby (Volleyball) - Montana State University  

Alexis Haws (Soccer) - Boise State University 

Jayla Ponce (Soccer) - Fort Lewis College 

Sean Austin (Football) - Montana State University

Jacob Graves (Football) - University of Idaho

Hayden VanAcker (Baseball) - Corban University

Mikayla Yore (Volleyball) - Montana State University Billings

Lane Kooch (Lacrosse) - Dominican University

Kassie Gorton (Soccer) - Southern Virginia University

Ronnie Self (Lacrosse) - Northwest Nazarene University

Grant Orme (Baseball) - Big Bend Community College

Kayla Cortez (Soccer) - North Park University

Donte Roggio (Wrestling) - University of Mary

Preston Owens (Wrestling) - University of Mary

Cooper Moore (Baseball) - Big Bend Community College 

Darbi Avery (Basketball) - Walla Walla Community College

Gracee Gustin (Basketball) - Walla Walla Community College

Taryn Vanderwiel (Softball) - North Idaho College


Madison Hodnett (Basketball) - Corban University 


Caeley Miller-Ryan (Soccer) - Folsom Lake College

Dathan Ova (Golf) - Spokane Community College


Kate Clark (Basketball) - Northwest Nazarene University


Carver Allen (Football) - St. Ambrose University 

Hannah Dupay (Wrestling) - Grandview University

Zach Webb (Football) - College of Idaho

Cruz Simms (Baseball) - College of Idaho

Isaiah Castillo (Baseball) - College of Idaho 

Kaylee Gallegos (Soccer) - Spokane Community College

Caleb Smith (Wrestling) - Minot State University

Caden Lewis (Football) - College of Idaho

Maya Torrez (Softball) - Columbia Basin College

Breanne Cox (Softball) - College of the Siskiyous

Jaleesa Lawrence (Basketball) - Eastern Washington University

Mary Mpoyo (Basketball) - North Idaho College

Blaze Tokioka (Football) - Dakota Wesleyan University


Nathan Moore (Swimming) - Drury University

Grace Redding (Softball) - Olympic College

Samantha Callahan (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Faith Meine (Soccer) - Blue Mountain Community College

Jake Vickhammer (Football) - College of Idaho

Carissa Chainey (Volleyball) - Feather River College

Logann Walker (Softball) - Corban University

Zachary Walsh (Baseball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Mason Nichols (Cross Country/Track) - Eastern Oregon University

Casey Wright (Basketball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Zakery Steele (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College


Amber Wickel (Softball) - Treasure Valley Community College


Kasey Derrick (Soccer) - Centralia College

Addison Clark (Soccer) - Centralia College

Dylan DeLange (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Kylee Cook (Softball) - York College

Charlize Lawson (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho

Jaden Abrego (Football) - University of Montana Western

Torrance DeVore (Baseball) - Clackamas Community College 


Trinity Slocum (Basketball) - University of Hawaii

Jeremiah Verhaege (Lacrosse) - Dominican University 

Brooks Rasmussen (Baseball) - Columbia Basin College

Nathan Beath (Baseball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Cassidy Franklin (Volleyball) - Whitman University

Savannah Haislip (Volleyball) - Santa Monica College

Mia Halcomb (Volleyball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Gracie Tentinger (Softball) - College of Southern Idaho

Brooke Snyder (Soccer) - Spokane Community College

Tristan Willis (Football) - William Penn University

Avery McBride (Soccer) - Boise State University (2022)

Jade Murphy (Lacrosse) - Eastern Oregon University

Ashlee Caron (Track & Field) - Tennessee Wesleyan

Mason Kietly (Football) - College of Idaho

Haley Osborne (Swimming) - Northern State University

Max Anderson (Lacrosse) - College of Idaho

Jake Farris (Football) - University of Idaho

Tommy Whiles (Baseball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Kaydree Rapp (Soccer) - Rogers State University

Haley Osborne (Swimming) - Northern State University

Madelynn Wattles (Track) - UNLV

Millie Brunner (Basketball) - Carroll College

Nia Williams (Basketball) - College of Idaho

Noah White (Basketball) - Walla Walla Community College


Brianna Shervik (Golf) - Northwest Nazarene University


Piper Curry (Basketball) - Lewis & Clark College (2022)

Audrah Radford (Volleyball) - Utah State University (2022)

Kylee Morgan (Softball) - Spokane Community College

Madeline Ehinger (Volleyball) - Clark Community College

Alexis Tovar (Softball) - Montana State University Billings


Alyssa Christensen (Basketball) - College of Southern Idaho

Matt Hall (Basketball) - Treasure Valley Community College


Katheryn Hostetler (Softball) - Treasure Valley Community College


Miguel Ramirez (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Javier Castro (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College


Salvador Cuna (Soccer) - Multnomah University

Javier Conchas (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College 

Erick Lopez (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Adrian Nunez (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Ryan Robinson (Cross Country/Track) - Eastern Oregon University

Jose Anguiano (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Alijah Huerta (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Tiffany Nelson (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College 


Grace Jackson (Basketball) - United States Merchant Marine Academy


Kenzy Spelman (Track) - Umpqua Community College


Karlee Christensen (Cross Country) - Utah State

Kaybree Christensen (Cross Country) - Utah State

Ryan Spaeth (Track & Field) - Idaho State University


Madison Danis (Soccer) - Southeastern Community College

Sage Stroud (Soccer) - University of Main Fort Kent

Hollie Cunningham (Softball) - Walla Walla Community College

Macie Plischke (Softball) - Walla Walla Community College

Reiss McIntyre (Softball) - North Idaho College

Kendra Woods (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Isabella Luna (Soccer) - Spokane Community College

Easton Amundson (Baseball) - Lower Columbia College

Maddie McKay (Softball) - Walla Walla Community College

Treyson Hoagland (Football) - College of Idaho

Parker Wade (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho

Emily Elliott (Golf) - North Idaho College

Kelsey Elliott (Golf) - Columbia Basin College

Alicia Sarver (Cross Country/Track) - Lewis-Clark State College


Sintia Varela (Basketball) - Walla Walla Community College

Samantha Jewett (Basketball) - Southwestern Oregon Community College

Madison Macmillan (Cross Country/Track) - Eastern Oregon University


Gavin Geffros (Swimming) - Chapman University


Kasey Wardle (Soccer) - University of Utah 

Kelsey Oyler (Soccer) - Gonzaga

Kelsey Jargsdorf (Soccer) - Idaho State University

Violet Rademacher (Soccer) - University of Portland 

Jada Torpey (Soccer) - Utah State University (2021)

Zack Black (Football) - Montana State University

Ben Johnson (Lacrosse) - Belmont Abbey College 

Kris Kirkpatrick (Baseball) - College of Idaho

Molly Jacobsen (Swimming) - University of Utah

Paige Farrington (Soccer) - Eastern Oregon University

Deborah Pond (Soccer) - Idaho State University

Mary Meeks (Soccer) - University of Mary

Gracie Smith (Softball) - Idaho State University

Jacob Hughes (Baseball) - University of Oregon

Kevin Kroft (Football) - College of Idaho

Jack England (Football) - Carroll College

Max Lehman (Football) - Carroll College

Abbey Brooks (Softball) - North Idaho College

Isabella Brinkman (Softball) - Big Bend Community College

Joe Licari (Baseball) - Corban University

Beaux Taylor (Football) - Carroll College

Caden Zierenberg (Soccer) - The Master's University

Emily Henard (Softball) - Walla Walla Community College

Jordan Erickson (Football) - Boise State University

Eli Almanza (Lacrosse) - College of Idaho

Ty Tanner (Football) - Boise State University

Maddy Carrier (Volleyball) - College of Idaho

Ryan Bohr (Football) - Carroll College

Larissa Wegner (Soccer) - College of Idaho

Isaac Poole (Soccer) - Clark College

Ainsley Terada (Soccer) - Wright State University

Brynn McGarvey (Soccer) - Lourdes University

Brayden Rundell (Football) - City College of San Fransisco

Straton Rogers (Basketball) - College of Idaho

Madison Anderson (Basketball) - Clark Community College

Chloe Wright (Basketball) - Clark Community College

Keegan Oyler (Soccer) - Oregon State University


Kaisaan Virani (Golf) - College of Idaho


Eden Bower (Volleyball) - BYU (2022)

Anna Tindall (Swimming) - Oklahoma Baptist University

Abegayle Black  (Soccer) - Southern Nazarene University

Leyah de Souza (Volleyball) - College of Idaho

Misael Quinonez (Soccer) - York St. John Univesity

Javier Bustamante (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Cassidy Stoddard (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho

Trey Cantrell (Soccer) - Corban University


Greyson Shafer (Baseball) - College of Southern Idaho

Megan Schulte (Volleyball) - Lehigh University  

Logan Miller (Baseball) - Oregon State University (2022)

Maddie Bean (Soccer) - Idaho State University

Cooper Sloan (Baseball) - Northwest Nazarene University

Camden Wagner (Baseball) - Ottawa University

Hailey Rogan (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

DJ Burnham (Football) - Presentation College

Brooklyn Christie (Soccer) - Saint Mary's College

Cooper Lumsden (Basketball) - Eastern Oregon University

Isabel McGregor (Cross Country/Track) - Warner Pacific University

Chayla Slavin (Volleyball) - College of Idaho

Allison Young (Basketball) - Wenatchee Valley College

Andrew Koessler (Tennis) - Skidmore College


Emma Hollon (Cross Country/Track) - Eastern Oregon University

Lauryn Mitchell (Cross Country/Track) - Eastern Oregon University

Josey Jones (Basketball) - Southwestern Oregon Community College


Emily Bruns (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Hannah Holcomb (Softball) - Skagit Valley College

Paige Beem (Basketball) - North Idaho College

Elisabeth Plouy (Soccer) - Indian Hills Community College

Tyler Horner (Baseball) - Oregon Institute of Technology 

Madison Hodge (Volleyball) - North Idaho College


Payton Kelson (Tennis) - Treasure Valley Community College


Railey Hodges (Basketball) - North Idaho College


Dominick Conlon (Football) - College of Idaho

Braydon Ary (Football) - Iowa Wesleyan College

Gillian Venditti (Softball) - Pacific University

Chris Runner (Lacrosse) - Northwest Nazarene University

Baylor Eller (Soccer) - College of Idaho

JJ Osuna (Soccer) - College of Idaho

Dylan Vanderpool (Soccer) - SUNY Canton

Emma Daniel (Volleyball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Jamar Gowen (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho

Gavin Weisweaver (Basketball) - Linn Benton Community College

Kayla Stacy (Softball) - Skagit Valley Community College

Hailee Mize (Soccer) - North Idaho College

Shea Traudt (Basketball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Megan Stacy (Softball) - Skagit Valley Community College


Beau Shields (Football) - Southern Arkansas University

Melissa Sandoval (Soccer) - Missouri Valley College


Stan Herron (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho

Boone Scherer (Baseball) - Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Atzel Jimenez (Soccer) - North Idaho College

Grace Parke (Soccer) - North Idaho College


Cece Fritz (Bishop Kelly 2020) - LaSalle University to St. Louis University volleyball

Karsyn Zaragoza (Boise 2018) - Lower Columbia College to Eastern Oregon University softball

Summit Nell (Kuna) - Walla Walla Community College to Eastern Oregon University baseball

Amoro Lado (Vallivue 2019) - College of Southern Idaho to University of Hawaii basketball

Rylan Bergersen (Borah) - University of Central Arkansas to Eastern Washington University basketball

Sidney Frith (Rocky Mountain 2019) - Salt Lake City Community College of College of Idaho volleyball

Mandy Simpson (Boise 2016) - University of Oklahoma to Boise State University basketball

Lindsey Jones (Kuna 2019) - Treasure Valley Community College to College of Idaho softball

Colin Hauser (Boise 2019) - Edmonds Community College to The Evergreen State University soccer

Elizabeth Gonzalez (Vallivue 2019) - Spokane Community College to College of Idaho soccer

Kolby Lee (Rocky Mountain 2017) - BYU to Dixie State University basketball

Andrew Theobald (Boise 2017) - Garden City Community College to Western Carolina University football

Mike Ozomah (Mountain View 2019) - Central Community College to Texas A&M International University basketball

Damen Thacker (Mountain View) - University of Idaho to Montana State University Billings basketball

Jalen Galloway (Mountain View) - College of Idaho to Loyola (New Orleans) basketball

Emily Oldham (Melba 2020) - University of Providence to College of Idaho cross country & track

Joel LaVergne (Emmett 2020) - University of Montana Western to Montana Tech cross country & track

Delveion Jackson (Centennial) - Northwest Nazarene University to Canisius College basketball

Mike Ouwehand (Eagle) - Walla Walla Community College to Montana State University Billings baseball

Kylie Shumway (Council 2019) - Dawson Community College to Warner Pacific University volleyball

Mitch Brizee (Twin Falls 2019) - Weber State University to Central Washington University basketball

Chase Nett (Borah 2019) - Spokane Community College to North Dakota State University baseball

Connor Wood (Rocky Mountain 2019) - Montana State University to University of Missouri football 

Taylia Stimpson (Minico 2019) - Georgetown University to Dixie State University basketball

DeAndre Jones (Borah) - Central Arkansas University to St. Louis University basketball

Makayla Tolman (Burley 2020) - BYU to Boise State University volleyball

Riley Frith (Rocky Mountain 2019) - Salt Lake City Community College to College of Idaho basketball

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