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2020 Treasure Valley & Magic Valley college commitments signing list

An overview of Southern Idaho athletes who have verbally committed to play at the collegiate level.

BOISE, Idaho — An overview of Southern Idaho athletes who have verbally committed to play at the collegiate level. Athletes are categorized by the high school they attend. If we have missed any players, or an athlete has recently committed, please email us at ktvbhss@ktvb.com and we'll add them to our list.


Britta Holmberg (Cross Country) - Biola University

Malia Good (Basketball) - Grove City College


Shayna Ruby (Soccer) - Blue Mountain Community College

Caden Long (Basketball) - College of Idaho

Riley Flanagan (Track & Field) - Whitworth University

Lucas Stearns (Cross Country/Track) - Eastern Oregon University

Sam McCauley (Baseball) - Dordt College

Shane Cunningham (Tennis) - Treasure Valley Community College


Alicia Chatterton (Soccer) - Boise State University (2021)

Riley Jones (Softball) - Fairleigh Dickinson University 

Isabella Vinsonhaler (Soccer) - California Baptist University 

Cece Fitz (Volleyball) - LaSalle University

Analise Hitchcock (Volleyball) - Saint Martin's University

Sydney Cromwell (Soccer) - Palm Beach Atlantic University

Ike George (Baseball) - Paradise Valley Community College

Addison Ribordy (Softball) - North Idaho College

Conner Bawden (Cross Country) - Carroll College

Anika Rubocki (Swimming) - Bowdoin College

Jay Horning (Football) - South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

Beau Nelson (Football) - Stanford University (preferred walk-on)

Ian Arellano (Football) - University of Idaho

Deborah Pond (Soccer) - Idaho State University (2021)

Payton Elledge (Volleyball) - College of Idaho

Riley Lizama (Football) - College of Idaho

Rebecca Bodine (Cross Country/Track) - University of Hawaii

Erik Altemus (Baseball) - Napa Valley College

Jill Gooch (Soccer) - Sierra College

Gabe Machado (Swimming) - Stanford University (2021)


Payton Baracat (Soccer) - Boise State University

Bre Norris (Soccer) - University of Portland (2021)

Mariah Albin (Soccer) - Boise State University 

Philip Gisler (Lacrosse) - Colorado College

Kendra McDaniel (Soccer) - Oregon State University (2021)

Peyton McFarland (Basketball) - University of Utah

Molly Elliott (Triathlon) - University of San Fransisco

Madi Williams (Basketball) - Point Loma Nazarene University

Abi Stucky (Swimming) - University of Idaho

Julia Nixon (Track & Field) - University of Nevada Las Vegas

Audrey Sand (Soccer) - Kenyon College

Joe Gustavel (Golf) - University of Idaho

Hannah Martinez (Volleyball) - Lewis-Clark State College

Hope Shimatsu (Softball) - North Idaho College

Izzy Peters (Softball) - Northland College

Nick Gabelman (Tennis) - Linfield College

Emma Patek (Cross Country & Track) - Carroll College

Katie Gerbert (Cross Country & Track) - St. Olaf College

Beck Maguire (Baseball) - Whitman College

Avery Samer (Tennis) - Ursinus College

Delaney Ezeji-Okoye (Track) - University of Washington

Nathan Quarterman (Swimming) - University of Texas

Emma Patterson (Volleyball) - University of Alaska - Anchorage

Vince McFarland (Basketball) - Peninsula Community College

Kailey Owen (Swimming) - College of Idaho


Ruby Howell (Swimming) - University of Nevada Las Vegas

Eden Makaafi (Soccer) - College of Idaho

Austin Bolt (Football) - Boise State University

Dylan Gardner (Baseball) - Big Bend Community College

Cameron Pruitt (Football) - Carroll College

Joseph Metzger (Football) - College of Idaho

Alec Gray (Football) - Dakota Wesleyan University

Kaci Bice (Wrestling) - Southwestern Oregon Community College

Taylor Fry (Softball) - North Idaho College

Zoie Koci (Soccer) - Carroll College

Joey Whiting (Football) - Culver-Stockton College

Brandon Donat (Soccer) - Oregon Institute of Technology

Thomas Miracle (Wrestling) - Minnesota State University Moorehead

Ellee Hill (Dance) - Boise State University

Zach Garey (Cross Country/Track) - The Master's University

Isaac Dewberry (Basketball) - College of Southern Idaho

Brady Toth (Baseball) - Columbia Basin College

Isabelle Longoria (Softball) - Spokane Community College

Ryzin 'Biggie' Bergersen (Baskerball) - Northwest Nazarene University

Lily Transtrum (Soccer) - Boise State University


Daniel Butler (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho


Makayla Tolman (Volleyball) - BYU

Jace Whiting (Basketball) - Boise State University

Jacob DeTemple (Cross Country/Track) - Idaho State University

Creighton Hansen (Basketball) - Salt Lake City Community College

Nicole Anderton (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College


Ian Phillips (Basketball) - Mt. Hood Community College

Mychael Coffin (Soccer) - Spokane Community College

Tyler Werwood (Baseball) - Eastern Oregon University

Kylin Olsen (Soccer) - College of Idaho

Jade Martinez (Basketball) - Highline College

Kat Vallejo (Basketball) - Highline College

Aaliyah Kennedy (Basketball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Joe Cameron (Football) - Whitworth University

Nikolas Scott (Cheer) - College of Idaho


Louie Cresto (Football) - University of Oregon (preferred walk-on)

Jose Armando Tapia (Soccer) - North Idaho College

River Olsen (Football) - George Fox University

Kelby Standley (Volleyball) - College of Southern Idaho

Kennedy Sorenson (Softball) - Treasure Valley Community College


Emily Garus (Volleyball) - Lewis-Clark State College

Hallie Seaman (Volleyball) - Lewis-Clark State College

Quadias LeBlanc (Baseball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Hayden Picard (Football) - University of Mary

Brennan Berryman (Baseball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Carson Bohning (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Tanner Leaf (Football & Baseball) - College of Idaho

Cooper Leaf (Football & Baseball) - College of Idaho

Lucas Shepard (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Jonah Blackham (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Jayce French (Football) - College of Idaho

Trace Schultz (Cross Country/Track) - Lewis-Clark State College

Craig Sturges (Baseball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Yousif Al-Saedi (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho

Kade Sorenson (Basketball) - Northwest University

Patrick Moes (Soccer & Track) - Linfield College

Sam Dwyer (Rugby) - Central Washington University

Abe Turpen (Rugby) - University of Arizona

Chris Meza (Soccer) - North Idaho College

Jackson Reed (Baseball) - Seattle University (2021)

Charley Hastriter (Wrestling) - Oregon State University (2021)


Bella Ipsen (Volleyball) - Idaho State University 

Ethan White (Lacrosse) - Northwest Nazarene University

Kylee Mansfield (Softball) - Mt. Hood Community College

Darius Lowe (Baseball) - Mt. Hood Community College

Brett Bramlet (Baseball) - Spokane Community College

Abby Nichols (Rugby) - Central Washington University

James Borgman (Baseball) - Walla Walla Community College

Hayden Magill (Baseball) - Linfield College

Luke Schabot (Football) - Carroll College

Britten Stephenson (Baseball) - Southwestern Oregon Community College

Caitlyn McMurray (Basketball) - St. Louis Community College

Logan Harris (Football) - University of Idaho

Trenton Davis (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Max Delgado (Football) - Fresno City College

Jack Stewart (Baseball) - College of Idaho

Eric Bangana (Soccer) - Corban University

Josh Sutton (Swimming) - Grinnell College

Jacob Heaverlo (Baseball) - Knox College

Hayden Diggs (Lacrosse) - Northwest Nazarene University

Madison Jeppsen (Track) - Green River College


Brooke Weimer (Track & Field) - University of Louisville

Maddie Cooke (Basketball) - The Master's University

Brady Frame (Football) - Iowa Western Community College

Noah Owens (Baseball) - Eastern Oregon University

Emma Scudder (Basketball) - Walla Walla Community College

Bella Huff (Golf) - The Master's University

Connor Howard (Football) - Olivet Nazarene University

Olivia Klein (Cross Country/Track) - Northwest Nazarene University

Will Stevens (Football) - Grove City College

Haydon Harmon (Basketball) - Olivet Nazarene University

Josh Cucchiari (Basketball) - Emmaus Bible College

Dylan Tarbox (Track & Field) - Northwest Nazarene University

Ethan Sage (Cross Country/Track) - Rhodes College

Anna Herman (Track & Field) - Dordt College


Angel Rios (Wrestling) - Minnesota State University - Moorehead

Issac Martinez (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Payton Lanningham (Wrestling) - Eastern Oregon University

Jaina Pearce (Volleyball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Brooklyn Dribnak (Volleyball) - Walla Walla Community College

Logan Hammer (Track & Field) - Utah State University

Austin Collett (Football) - College of Idaho

Josh Scott (Track & Field) - Montana State University Billings


Miles Stanford (Cross Country) - Southwestern Oregon Community College

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Sophie Drown (Soccer) - Boise State University (2021)

Gannon Matthews (Lacrosse) - Cleveland State University

Kearney Hoggan (Soccer) - Dixie State University

Ashlyn Graham (Soccer) - College of Idaho (2021)

Elle McCord (Golf) - Boise State University

Ben Ford (Baseball) - University of Washington (2021)

Justin Spira (Lacrosse) - Rockhurst University

Analyn Bohner (Basketball) - Northwest Nazarene University

Kody Epp (Soccer) - Eastern Oregon University

Ashley LaJocies (Cross Country/Track) - Louisiana State University

Kyle Garner (Tennis) - Air Force Academy (2021)

Chandler Emerson (Cross Country) - Northwest Nazarene University

Drew Morris (Soccer) - College of Idaho

Bradie Garven (Soccer) - University of Idaho (2021)

Derek Tommasini (Football) - University of Idaho

Charlie Baker (Football) - College of Idaho

Cam Churchill (Football) - University of Idaho

Mason Leavitt (Baseball) - Northwest Nazarene University

Jaden Carter (Basketball) - Northwest Nazarene University

Bo Houston (Baseball) - Southwestern Oregon Community College

Ryan Cooper (Baseball) - Southwestern Oregon Community College

Tanner Hayhurst (Basketball) - BYU (preferred walk-on)

Dallas Sweeny (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Madelyn Durham (Softball) - Spokane Community College

Truman Hoggan (Soccer) - Dixie State University

Maddie Baldwin (Volleyball) - University of Providence


Malena Ratcliff (Volleyball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Jacob Patterson (Golf) - College of Idaho

Lennyn Solis (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Gemma LaVergne (Basketball & Track) - Corban University

Koali’i Harriet (Football) - College of Idaho

Cedar Stump (Football) - Monterey Peninsula College 

Joel LaVergne (Cross Country/Track & Field) - University of Montana Western


Aspen Ryan (Softball) - University of Providence

Jonathan Gale (Cross Country/Track & Field) - College of Idaho

Gracie Robinson (Volleyball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Madi Pedrow (Cross Country/Track & Field) - College of Southern Idaho


Kate Hardy (Volleyball) - Dixie State University

Sage McDaniel (Volleyball) - Yakima Valley College

Mauricio Escobedo (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Oswaldo Espinoza (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Abby Smith (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Carlie Sanders (Cheer) - College of Idaho


Tanner Martinez (Baseball) - Blue Mountain Community College


Shane Jennings (Football) - Eastern Washington University

Kassandra Adkinson (Softball) - Shoreline Community College

Mallory Brown (Softball) - Lower Columbia College

Tegan Baumann (Cross Country/Track) - Lewis-Clark State College

Carlos Contreras (Soccer) - Walla Walla University 


Taylor Allen (Softball) - Mt. Hood Community College

Warner Robertson (Baseball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Mason Gerry (Track) - Clackamas Community College


Rakel Williams (Basketball) - Southwestern Oregon Community College

Mari Bjorneberg (Cross Country/Track & Field) - College of Idaho

Cassandra Gibson (Basketball) - Bethel College

Ramon Sanchez (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College


Karsen Freelove (Football) - University of Idaho

Spencer Fisher (Football) - University of Idaho

Jake Collett (Football) - College of Idaho

Gracie Dines (Volleyball) - Walla Walla Community College


Ben Howerton (Football) - University of Montana Western


Alexee Kline (Volleyball & Track) - College of the Redwoods


Abriana Hurtado (Softball) - Highline College

Mercedes Bell (Softball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Jonathan Tellez (Football) - Dakota Wesleyan 

Jeffery Ledezma (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Makali Nance (Soccer) - Corban University

Kobe Yost (Track) - Utah State University

Luis Martinez (Soccer) - Mid America Nazarene University

Kori Gartner (Cheer) - Boise State University

Garrett Elison (Football) - University of Minnesota Morris


Peyton Bair (Track) - Mississippi State University

Sarah Depew (Volleyball) - Green River College

Nicholas Cummings (Baseball) - College of Southern Idaho

Beza Armstrong (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Bradley Beaver (Cross Country) - Southwestern Oregon Community College


Diego Hernandez (Baseball) - Walla Walla Community College

Austin Bunn (Baseball) - Big Bend Community College

Taryn Vanderwiel (Softball) - North Idaho College

Courtney Weatherby (Volleyball) - Montana State University (2021)

Tyler Brown (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Jessie Fouts (Volleyball) - Southern Nazarene University

Benten Hall (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Autumn Kidd (Track) - Utah State University

Delaney Walker (Basketball) - Eastern Nazarene College

Hannah Brown (Soccer) - University of Minnesota-Crookston (2021)

Kegan Vincent (Football) - Santa Rosa Junior College

Issac Haws (Baseball) - Columbia Basin College

Alexys Giddings (Softball) - Eastern Nazarene College

Alexis Haws (Soccer) - Boise State University (2021)

Emily Hardin (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Miannah Davies (Basketball) - Whatcom Community College

Miaja Mills (Basketball) - Walla Walla Community College

Wyatt Skovgard (Rodeo) - College of Southern Idaho

Jylian Bitner (Cross Country/Track & Field) - College of Idaho

Sean Austin (Football) - Montana State University

Caitlin Turner (Softball) - College of Southern Idaho

Jayla Ponce (Soccer) - Fort Lewis College (2021)


Manda Lee (Track & Field) - Westminster College

Madison Hodnett (Basketball) - Corban University (2021)


Casper Block (Basketball) - Tacoma Community College

Tyler Munsee (Basketball) - Tacoma Community College

Maycee Holloway (Softball) - Treasure Valley Community College


Emily Loucks (Volleyball) - Louisburg College


Brynne Kundrick (Cross Country/Track) - Eastern Oregon University

Joel Meske (Basketball) - Lewis-Clark State College

Noah Ormsby (Football) - University of Idaho

Colten Alvarez (Football) - College of Idaho

Pete Knudson (Football) - Weber State University

Chase Burtenshaw (Football) - New Mexico Military Institute

Sophi Clay (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho


Easton Bunnell (Football) - College of Idaho

Cynthia Read (Softball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Kortney Trappett (Basketball) - Walla Walla Community College


Mark Steward (Baseball) - Saint Martin's University

Whitney Lords (Track & Field) - Idaho State University

Tim Pennington (Lacrosse) - William Penn University

Jake Allen (Baseball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Garrett Baughman (Baseball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Kyle Fannin (Baseball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Eric Grantt (Soccer) - Whitman College

Mike Obanion (Football) - Santa Barbara City College

Hunter Eyton (Football) - Dakota Wesleyan University

Korbin Walling (Football) - Arizona Christian University

Nate Berg (Football) - Dakota Wesleyan University

Jonah Johnson (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Gracie Kolka (Basketball) - College of Southern Idaho

Tyler Barron (Football) - College of Idaho

John Hazlett (Football) - College of Idaho

Emily Miller (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Johnna Overby (Softball) - Columbia Basin College

Donovan Sanor (Basketball) - College of Alameda 

Mikhayla Boyd (Soccer) - Whatcom Community College

Khye Montoya (Baseball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Zachary Chatterton (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Luke Eames (Football) - Feather River College 

Luke Bartholomew (Lacrosse) - Northwest Nazarene University

Carson Fox (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Breyden Merrill (Wrestling) - Baker University

Sydney Shaughnessy (Lacrosse) - Eastern Oregon University

Jackson Foster (Cross Country/Track) - Northwest Nazarene University


Gaard Memmelaar (Football) - University of Washington 

Alex Ozuna (Lacrosse) - Northwest Nazarene University

Tyler Robinette (Basketball) - College of Idaho

Gracie Guerra (Softball) - Walla Walla Community College

Ashley Campbell (Track) - Northwest Nazarene University

Dallas Hagler (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Miki Ah You (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Kylie Howard (Soccer) - Spokane Community College

Madison Cowles (Softball) - College of Idaho

Hannah Mikel (Softball) - College of Idaho

Antonio Rossi (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Abby Grooms (Basketball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Ashlyn Creekmore (Soccer) - Portland Community College

Jace Rogers (Track & Field) - Southern Utah University

Emalie Wood (Soccer) - Eastern Oregon University

Macy Short (Volleyball) - Snow College


Kasen Carpenter (Basketball) - College of Southern Idaho

Greyson Harwood (Football) - University of Idaho

Ben Devries (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Connor Stocking (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Jacinda Banda (Softball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Vanessa Rangel (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Zayne Maughan (Cross Country/Track & Field) - Lewis-Clark State College


Adrie Blanksma (Basketball) - Pacific University 

Paisley Mederios (Softball) - College of Idaho

Kobie Jewett (Wrestling) - Corban University


Olivia Kreiser (Soccer) - Oregon Institute of Technology

Avery Falash (Golf) - Lewis-Clark State College

Oakleigh Kearby (Softball) - Colorado State University-Pueblo

Hannah Brooke (Softball) - Columbia International University

Laila Saenz (Basketball) - Westmont College

Callie Baker (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Justine Humphry (Soccer) - University of Providence

Hunter Eberhart (Golf) - Oregon Institute of Technology

Emily Morandi (Soccer) - Edmonds Community College

Isaiah Vega (Baseball) - College of Southern Idaho

Braxton Mills (Baseball) - College of Southern Idaho

Rebecca Allen (Volleyball) - Presentation College

Lexy Halladay (Cross Country/Track) - BYU

Kole Walker (Baseball) - Southwestern Oregon Community College

Alex Pinkston (Softball) - Mt. Hood Community College

Mangus Hemmingway (Cross Country/Track) - Northwest Nazarene University

Sydnie Robbins (Golf) - North Idaho College

Cooper Carlson (Cross Country/Track) - Lewis-Clark State College

Nick Bisango (Soccer) - Air Force Academy

Keaton Horn (Football) - Idaho State University

Mike Kavila (Football) - Carroll College

Caden Thomas (Football) - Montana Western University

Ayden Banning (Baseball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Jeremiah Verhaege (Lacrosse) - Dominican University (2024)

Morgan French (Track) - Utah State University

Marcos Gonzales (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Rachel Pletcher (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho

Abby Mundy (Basketball) - Green River College

Lizza Wallace (Track & Field) - Utah Valley University


Kade Setoki (Cross Country/Track & Field) - College of Idaho


Jonas Plew (Baseball) - Big Bend Community College

Kawika DeForest (Baseball) - Clackamas Community College

Mason Hale (Baseball) - Columbia Basin College

Alana Anu Nakamura-Stein (Softball) - Big Bend Community College

Kaleb Glascock (Baseball) - Clackamas Community College

Cade Smith (Football) - College of Idaho

Stan Mulderij (Football) - College of Idaho

Ynfiniti Signman (Softball) - Southwestern Oregon Community College

Braden Draper (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Tristen McMahan (Soccer) - North Idaho College

Tre Brewer (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Shelby Hudgens (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Donavon Estrada (Football) - University of Montana Western

Lexi Chaparro (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College


Olivia Cervantez (Track & Field) - Saint Martin's University

Joe Ihli (Baseball) - Northwest Nazarene University

Matt Tiersma (Baseball) - Dordt College

Jessie Wood (Softball) - Wenatchee Community College

Ella De Jong (Basketball) - Dordt College

Caleb Reeve (Football) - Whitworth University


Kobe Roberts (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Cody Williams (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Hailey Rupp (Softball) - Barton Community College


Anna Skamser (Volleyball) - Bard College


Syriah Trujillo (Softball) - Salem University

Cristal Trinidad (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Raul Ruiz (Wrestling) - Eastern Oregon University

Elijah Cleaver (Wrestling) - Stanford University


Kenji Teramura (Football) - University of Idaho

Katie Adams (Cross Country/Track) - Oregon Institute of Technology

Greg Rodriguez (Soccer) - Eastern Oregon University

Nora Williams (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Deisy Montoya (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College


Adyson Harris (Basketball) - Eastern Oregon University

Kyle Powers (Baseball) - University of Jamestown


Rachel Miller (Volleyball) - Yakima Valley College


Jazmin Ramirez (Softball) - University of South Carolina, Beaufort

Gracie Walters (Softball) - College of Southern Idaho

Aizel Cardenas (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Emily Elliott (Golf) - North Idaho College


Kasey Wardle (Soccer) - University of Utah (2021)

Kelsey Oyler (Soccer) - Gonzaga (2021)

Sadie Bernard (Softball) - Eastern Oregon University

Briggs Ranstrom (Basketball) - Idaho State University

Gerritt Tamminga (Track) - Air Force Academy

Jake Slocum (Golf) - Iowa State University

Jada Reed (Basketball) - College of Idaho

Kendyl Near (Swimming) - Southwest Minnesota State University

Andy Evans (Baseball) - Spokane Falls Community College

Sage Martin (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho

Devon Long (Football) - College of Idaho

Devon Fox (Football) - College of Idaho

Madison Gridley (Golf) - Northwest Nazarene University

Makayla Debry (Basketball) - Walla Walla Community College

Tiloi Nawahine (Football) - Idaho State University

Braden Cureton (Football) - Idaho State University

Kaden Birch (Football) - College of Idaho

Brandon Poole (Soccer) - Clark Community College

Jacob Piscone (Football) - Idaho State University

Elias Everist (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho

Savannah Koga (Volleyball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Annagail Smith (Basketball) - Walla Walla Community College

Kelsey Jargsdorf (Soccer) - Idaho State University (2021)

Jacob Hughes (Baseball) - Oregon (2021)

Lolo Walker (Softball) - University of New Mexico

Cooper Frith (Basketball) - Utah State University Eastern

Sarah Gold (Volleyball) - College of Idaho

Jonathan Wind (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho

Jordyn LaMont (Softball) - Columbia Basin College

Grace Cooper (Volleyball) - Whitworth University

Caleb Campbell (Football) - Whitworth University

Chelsea Radicia (Soccer) - Idaho State University

Kaden Hine (Wrestling) - Colorado Mesa University

Violet Rademacher (Soccer) - University of Portland (2021)

Alan Casey (Soccer) - Bowdoin University 


Steven Rubio (Soccer) - Eastern Oregon University


Karen Murphy (Volleyball) - Dartmouth University 

Keilani Sedrick (Volleyball) - Utah Valley University

Molly Anderson (Volleyball) - Northwest Nazarene University

Anna Tindall (Swimming) - Oklahoma Baptist University (2021)

Gabbie Adams (Swimming) - Dixie State University

Jack Cook (Golf) - Northwest Nazarene University

Allison Wolf (Soccer) - Northwest Nazarene University

Carly Kawamura (Softball) - Ohio Christian University

Trasie Hogin (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Cam McDermott (Soccer) - College of Idaho

Gabe Garza (Baseball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Mario Samaguey (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Eden Bower (Volleyball) - BYU (2021)

Danielle Tracy (Lacrosse) - Eastern Oregon University

Rylie Krahn (Cross Country/Track) - Northwest Nazarene University


Ava Ranson (Basketball) - Montana State University

Tenley Quesnell (Softball) - St. Cloud University

Emma Ellinghouse (Basketball) - Santa Clara University

Kade McCall (Track & Field) - Kansas State University

Josie Phelps (Volleyball & Track) - Mt. Hood Community College

Jeremy Underwood (Baseball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Elijah Meldrim (Baseball) - Pacific University

Andy Peters (Football) - Boise State University (preferred walk-on)

Charlie Duff (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho

Naomi Butterfield (Softball) - Wilson College

Sam Rodenbaugh (Football) - Western Oregon University

Malia Smith (Softball) - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dylan Bowes (Soccer) - College of Idaho

Logan Miller (Baseball) - Oregon State University

Evan Youde (Baseball) - Monterey Peninsula College 

Jonathan Sutherlin (Swimming) - Concordia University (CA)

Nicolas Caballero (Football) - Whitworth University

Katelyn Alcorn (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Greyson Shafer (Baseball) - Boise State University (2021)

Morgan Baker (Baseball) - Goshen College

CJ Brewster (Soccer) - Trinity University

Megan Schulte (Volleyball) - Lehigh University (2021)


Kase Mauger (Wrestling) - Utah Valley University

McKenna Todd (Softball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Carson Walters (Baseball) - Gonzaga University

Guillemo Fregoso (Cross Country/Track) - University of Mary

Mattalyn Geddes (Cross Country/Track) - Utah State University

Brinlee Stotts (Golf) - North Idaho College

Kaylee Jones (Golf) - College of Idaho

Payson Bingham (Cross Country) - College of Southern Idaho

Kaitlynn Ayers (Softball) - Carroll College

Carter Christensen (Football) - College of Idaho

Sidnee Naerebout (Track) - Utah State University

Makayla Rodriguez (Basketball) - Bellevue College

Sergio Varela (Soccer) - Blue Mountain Community College

Alyah Strong (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Paige Fuller (Volleyball) - College of Southern Nevada

Madison Bailey (Soccer) - Utah State University Eastern


Matthew McBride (Baseball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Colton Kesey (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Alexys Rodgers (Softball) - College of the Siskiyous

Rachel Wolfe (Tennis) - Treasure Valley Community College


Mackenzie Dimond (Basketball) - Southwestern Oregon Community College


Chelsie Engle (Softball) - Walla Walla Community College

Brad Cushman (Football & Track) - College of Idaho

Lan Larison (Football) - UC Davis

Hailey Sneddon (Softball) - Centralia College

Hailee Mize (Soccer) - North Idaho College

Landon Smith (Football) - Madonna University

Jasmyn Boles (Basketball) - College of Southern Idaho

Madison Lopez (Softball) - Wenatchee Community College

Nikolas Mips (Lacrosse) - Wheeling University

Seth Babbel (Cross Country/Track) - Idaho State University

Abby Salinas (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Kassandra Bustos (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho


Marissa Moyle (Soccer) - Lower Columbia Community College

Matthew Morris (Baseball) - Missouri Valley College


Tristan Wert (Baseball) - Treasure Valley Community College


Norman Gonzalez (Football) - College of Idaho


Emily Vandenburg (Volleyball) - College of Idaho

Johnny Radford (Basketball) - College of Idaho

Lauren Thomsen (Softball) - College of Idaho

Rafael Muniz (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Conner May (Cross Country/Track & Field) - Lewis-Clark State College

Hailee Harris (Softball) - Northland Community Technical College 

Blake Nelson (Baseball) - Ottawa University

Huck Sprong (Baseball) - St. Norbert College 

Chance Appell (Baseball) - Anoka Ramsey Community College 

Johnny Servin (Football) - Hamline University

Adan Moya (Football) - Hamline University

Edgar Salamanca (Soccer) - Ohio Wesleyan University

Grace Parke (Soccer) - North Idaho College


Katelyn Wilfert (Rocky Mountain '18) - Eastern Florida State University to College of Idaho softball

Peyton Harris (Timberline, '18) - Skagit Valley Community College to Oregon Institute of Technology baseball

Lily Schlake (Rocky Mountain '18) - University of Portland to College of Idaho soccer

Benjen Lilly (Castleford '18) - Treasure Valley Community College to Eastern Oregon University cross country & track

Kristian Quiros (Rocky Mountain '19) - Yapavai Community College to College of Idaho soccer

Allamar Alexander (Columbia '18) - Boise State University to College of Idaho football

Jackson Lightner (Bishop Kelly '18) - Idaho State University to College of Idaho football

Conner Croft (Rocky Mountain '18) - Rocky Mountain College to College of Idaho football

Keegan Duncan (Declo '19) - Boise State University to Utah State University football

Cale LaFever (Mountain View '18) - Treasure Valley Community College to Corban University baseball

Anna Loomis (Fruitland '18) - Treasure Valley Community College to University of Providence softball

Haley Foreca (Capital '19) - Fort Lewis College to Eastern Oregon University volleyball

Gabi Harrington (Bishop Kelly '16) - University of Montana to University of Idaho basketball

Jake O'Neil (Fruitland '19) - Boise State golf to College of Idaho basketball

Destiny Slocum (Mountain View '16) - Oregon State to University of Arkansas basketball

Taylia Stimpson (Minico '19) - College of Southern Idaho to Georgetown University basketball

Holly Golenor (Cole Valley Christian) - Walla Walla Community College to Corban University basketball

Isaac Tarelo (Weiser) - Blue Mountain Community College to Warner Pacific University soccer

Lydia Nieto (Bishop Kelly '18) - Azuza Pacific University to Northwest Nazarene University basketball

Nyalam Thabach (Borah '19) - UC Santa Barbara to Northwest Nazarene University basketball

Matt Johnson (Meridian '18) - Blue Mountain Community College to Bellevue University baseball

Mariah Moulton (Grant Union '18) - Blue Mountain Community College to Eastern Oregon University volleyball

Connor Gibson (Emmett '18) - Treasure Valley Community College to Northwestern Oklahoma State University baseball

Payton Hamilton (Capital '18) - Treasure Valley Community College to Corban University baseball

Easton Watterson (Burley '18) - Treasure Valley Community College to Eastern Oregon University baseball

Jaydon Yancey (Mountain View '19) - Blue Mountain Community College to Eastern Oregon University baseball

Samuel Eckhart (Parma '18) - Northeastern Community College to Eastern Oregon University wrestling

Spencer Schwehr (Borah '18) - Walla Walla Community College to Northwest Nazarene University baseball

Julia Martinez (Caldwell '19) - Rocky Mountain College to Highline College basketball

Amoro Lado (Vallivue '19) - Chipola College to College of Southern Idaho basketball

Gary Engstrom (Caldwell '17) - Walla Walla Community College to Multnomah University basketball

Haley Robinett (Middleton '19) - University of Idaho to Eastern Oregon University basketball

Kai Flugel (Nampa '18) - North Idaho College to Warner Pacific University soccer

Sam Tidd (Rocky Mountain '18) - University of Oklahoma to University of Utah golf

Abigail Ives (Eagle '18) - Blue Mountain Community College to St. Andrews University volleyball

Jaidyn Ahl (Rocky Mountain '18) - Eastern Florida State University to Oklahoma Christian University softball 

Kaylee LaMont (Rocky Mountain '18) - College of Southern Idaho to Northwest Nazarene University softball

Caitlin Crist (Canyon Ridge '18) - Walla Walla Community College to Idaho State University soccer

Jade Higley (Canyon Ridge '18) - Walla Walla Community College to Idaho State University soccer

Joel Martin (Centennial '18) - Walla Walla Community College to Eastern Oregon University

Kylie Baumert (Twin Falls '18) - College of Southern Idaho to University of Southern California volleyball

Kiana Watchman (Centennial '19) - Snow College to Eastern Oregon University lacrosse

Kase Ogata (Rocky Mountain '18) - Boise State University to Utah State University baseball

Hannah Victor (Eagle '18) - Boise State University to Eastern Oregon University lacrosse

Paul Pennington (Boise '18) - Gonzaga University to Eastern Oregon University basketball

Jenny Schenk (Twin Falls '18) - College of Southern Idaho to Utah Valley University cross country

Peyton McBride (Borah '19) - University of Utah to Boise State University soccer

Lysette Villegas (Bishop Kelly '18) - Notre Dame De Namur to College of Idaho softball

Kaylee Lamont (Rocky Mountain '18) - College of Southern Idaho to Northwest Nazarene University softball

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