An overview of Southern Idaho athletes who have verbally committed to play at the collegiate level. Athletes are categorized by the high school they attend. If we have missed any players, or an athlete has recently committed, please email us at and we'll add them to our list.


Jaxon Hughes (Basketball) - Corban College

Bailey Boerner (Track) - Olivet Nazarene University


Aubrey Chatterton (Soccer) - Boise State University

Erin McGrath (Soccer) - Oregon Institute of Technology*

Kylee Atkins (Soccer) - College of Idaho

Cameron Coyle (Soccer) - College of Idaho

Brody Bonfilio (Golf) - Western Washington University

Tyler Spanfellner (Lacrosse) - Madonna University (IL)

Bronson King (Football) - Stetson University (FL)

Conor Callanan (Baseball) - Linfield College

Raoul Johnson (Football) - Weber State University

Chris Doiron (Wrestling) - Menlo College

Lindsey Schmidt (Track) - Princeton University

Ben Hruby (Football) - College of Idaho

Ben Ranieri (Baseball) - Linfield College

Casey Dudek (Baseball) - Minnesota West Community College

Jacob Peltzer (Baseball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Kyle Adams (Baseball) - Big Bend Community College

Mac Johnson (Football) - Saint Xavier University

Michaela Kirkmire (Volleyball) - Pacific University

Jessica Ruffing (Volleyball) - Northwest College

Matthew Sammartino (Soccer) - College of Idaho

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Megan Harvey (Soccer) - Corban University*

Bailey Schieve (Volleyball) - West Point*

Payton Spoja (Volleyball) - University of Montana*

Madison Roache (Soccer) - Westminster College*

John Ojukwu (Football) - Boise State University*

Kathryn Blickenstaff (Soccer) - University of Idaho*

Julia Lewis (Soccer) - Boise State University (2018)

Mandy Simpson (Basketball) - University of Oklahoma*

Sophia Graham (Volleyball) - Concordia University*

Maddie Wolter (Volleyball) - Carroll College*

Lili Finch (Soccer) - Boise State University* (preferred walk-on)

Abbey Erwin (Swimming) - University of Minnesota*

Josh Fritz (Cross country/Track) - College of Idaho

Oliver Munch (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Elizabeth Frisch (Soccer) - Nebraska Wesleyan University

Andrew Theobald (Football) - Garden City Community College (KS)

Johnny French (Lacrosse) - Boise State University

Rylee Neville (Soccer) - Whitman College

Ramon Booker (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Jonathan McEntee (Football) - Long Island University

Lukas Kvapil (Soccer) - North Idaho College


Macie Nelson (Soccer) - Boise State University (2018)

Kylee Geis (Soccer) - University of Utah (2019)

McKenzie Kilpatrick (Soccer) - University of Montana (2018)

Maddie Geritz (Basketball) - Carroll College (2018)

Payton McBride (Soccer) - University of Utah (2019)

George Tarlas (Football) - Weber State University

Ethan Broadbent (Swimming) - College of Idaho

Lily Gregory (Softball) - Iowa Western Community College

Caleb Christiansen (Football) - Boise State University (preferred walk-on)

Keegan Lester (Football) - Olivet Nazarene University

Kiana Corpus (Basketball) - Rocky Mountain College

Damien Dennis (Soccer) - Western Washington University

Rylan Bergerson (Basketball) - BYU

DeAndre Jones (Basketball) - Central Arkansas University

Homero Antonio (Soccer) - Everett Community College

Osuna Gonzalez (Soccer) - Everett Community College

Robin Camp (Cross Country/Track) - College of Idaho

Zoe Transtrum (Soccer) - University of Montana (2018)

Conner Larson (Baseball) - Southwestern Oregon Community College

Max Reitman (Basketball) - S. Puget Sound Community College

Jaydon Miller (Baseball) - Southwestern Oregon Community College


Coty Hackett (Basketball) - Husson University

Trevyn Wells (Baseball) - Bemijdi State University


Juan Perez (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College


Danny Cuevas (Soccer) - Northwest Nazarene University

Lita Forse (Track & Field) - Washington State University

Triden Mitchell (Football) - College of Idaho

Emilio Gonzales (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Corbin Beets (Basketball) - Green River Community College

Jesus Lechuga (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College

Omar Ramirez (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College


Jenna Gray (Softball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Clarissa Henderson (Soccer) - Lane Community College

Alexis Dewalt (Soccer) - Highline College

Michael Easterling (Wrestling) - Western Wyoming University

Kira Haskell (Softball) - Walla Walla Community College

Hunter Price (Soccer) - Blue Mountain Community College


Kennedi Paul (Soccer) - Boise State University (2018)

Kari Taylor (Cross country/Track & field) - Boise State University*

Britt Ipsen (Track) - University of Idaho*

Drew Zmuda (Baseball) - Grand Canyon University*

Tristin Bowens (Track & Field) - University of Idaho*

Harrison Ashby (Football) - University of Idaho

Alex Lindsey (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

DJ Scheffer (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Sean Ferguson (Wrestling) - Wheaton College

Mitch Dean (Baseball) - Spokane Community College

Drew Korf (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Justin Saunders (Basketball) - College of Idaho

Cameron Godney-Scott (Basketball) - Wenatchee Valley College

Coby Roberts (Baseball) - Edmonds Community College

Blake Dittman (Basketball) - Big Bend Community College

Markel Quinney (Football) - American River College

Tristan Newell (Baseball) - Wenatchee Valley College

Alijah Gray (Track) - Clackamas Community College


Haddee Reynolds (Basketball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Courtney Poulson (Track) - Hastings College

Benjen Lily (Cross country/track) - Treasure Valley Community College


Tori Williams (Basketball) - University of Utah*

Makayla Christensen (Soccer) - University of Utah (2018)

Allison O'Hara (Volleyball) - Pepperdine University*

Josie Bush (Soccer) - BYU (2018)

Lauren Brocke (Basketball) - Colorado State University

Brenna Davidson (Soccer) - Westminster College

Chad Martin (Baseball) - Walla Walla Community College

Alex Draghici (Soccer) - College of Idaho

Karolyne Collins (Soccer) - Northwest Nazarene University

Kaitlyn Deeble (Golf) - Dixie State University

Katie Weedn (Cross Country) - Idaho State University*

Zach Britt (Baseball) - Wenatchee Valley College

Matt Johnson (Baseball) - Wenatchee Valley College

Nate Smith (Baseball) - College of Southern Idaho

Trace Ogata (Baseball) - Walla Walla Community College

Sally Culig (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Emmanuel Iradukunda (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Casey Sturtevant (Soccer) - Sierra Nevada College

Delveion Jackson (Basketball) - UC Davis

Adrienne Gulley (Track) - Pacific Lutheran University

Delaney Johnston (Soccer) - Idaho State University (2018)

Kelsey Parker (Golf) - Montana Tech University

Brooks King (Basketball) - University of Utah (preferred walk-on)

Jayden Clark (Basketball) - William Jessup University

Alex Salsman (Baseball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Mikayla Price (Volleyball) - Yakima Valley Community College

Elias Kaden (Basketball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Justus Kjellander (Soccer) - Westminster College

Skyler Kjellander (Soccer) - Westminster College


Tara Chamberlain (Basketball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Jayden Olson (Track) - Treasure Valley Community College


Tanner Langley (Basketball & Track) - Olivet Nazarene University

Nick Herman (Football & Track) - Dordt College

Josh Mick (Football) - Dordt College

Alexis Gonzales (Golf) - Corban University


Ragan McGilvery (Golf) - Northwest Nazarene University

Zona Kinnaman (Soccer) - University of Utah

Garrett Turner (Football) - Montana Western University

Colton Makinster (Baseball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Brandon Kipper (Football) - University of Hawaii

Sarah Combs (Cross Country) - College of Idaho

Braden Ray (Baseball) - Big Bend Community College

Jesse Bale (Track) - Northwest Nazarene University

Amanda Miller (Softball) - Columbia Basin College


Kiersten Lancaster (Track) - College of Idaho

Mallorie Bowen (Basketball) - Walla Walla Community College


Ryann Perron (Volleyball) - Treasure Valley Community College


Emma Bailey (Soccer) - BYU

Autumn Moffat (Softball) - BYU *

Hailey Fisher (Softball) - Weber State University*

Alec Kuzmack (Football) - Washington State University

Kelly Kukla (Softball) - University of Colorado at Colorado Springs*

Max Moore (Football) - University of Idaho

Christian Padilla (Baseball) - Spokane Community College

Zane Friedt (Lacrosse) - Fairfield University (CT)*

Abby Mangum (Basketball) - BYU (preferred walk-on)

Gabby Peters (Softball) - Boise State University (2019)

Rachel Menlove (Softball) - Portland State University

Dania Holmberg (Cross Country/Track & Field) - Seattle Pacific University

Del Rude (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Reed Harrington (Baseball) - Spokane Community College

Ryan Swanson (Football) - Portland State University

Taylor Elliott (Track) - Portland State University

Kaden Snooks (Football) - Weber State University

Todd Durham (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Meredith Teel (Lacrosse) - George Fox University

Mitch Crocker (Lacrosse) - Boise State University

McKenzie Lee (Volleyball) - Northwest Nazarene University (2018)

Kaitlyn Jo Royer (Volleyball) - Spokane Community College

Cassidy Tiegs (Basketball) - Westmont College

Keana Fipps (Dance) - Boise State University

Kelby Fipps (Dance) - Boise State University

Morgan Swanson (Dance) - Boise State University

Bailey Evans (Dance) - Boise State University

Cameron Hamrick (Football) - College of Idaho

Janie King (Basketball) - University of Idaho (2018)

Canyon Anderson (Track) - Northwest Nazarene University

Hannah Holloway (Golf) - Northwest Nazarene University

Sarah Ingraham (Gymnastics) - Dixie State University


Mahra McLeod (Volleyball) - Seattle University*

Lucas Overton (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Mitchell Maxfield (Football) - Weber State University

Ryder Conklin (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Marc Oribio (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Selena Hadley (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College


Cooper Moon (Baseball) - College of Southern Idaho

Ruby Gomez (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College


AJ Wagenmann (Baseball) - Montana State University Billings*

Casey Rodriguez (Baseball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Matt Murphy (Baseball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Sammy Eckhart (Wrestling) - Boise State University

Jessica O'Dell (Tennis) - Treasure Valley Community College

Josiah Whiting (Tennis) - Treasure Valley Community College


Kody Arellano (Football) - Eastern Oregon University


Bryson Comstock (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Megan Casanas (Soccer) - Southwestern Oregon Community College

Brittney Brinkley (Softball) - College of Idaho

Bailey Price (Track) - Lewis-Clark State College

Tessa Conrad (Softball) - Treasure Valley Community College


Heather Mosley (Basketball) - Walla Walla Community College

Reitta Wyllie (Track) - Northwest Nazarene University


Wyatt Dorsey (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Kendall Freelove (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Carlie Sawyer (Track) - Spokane Community College


Kate Renfro (Basketball) - Walla Walla Community College


Margaret Anderson (Volleyball) - Umpqua Community College


Kaela McClure (Basketball) - College of Southern Idaho

Joey Lenker (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Brandon Leal (Baseball) - Southwestern Oregon Community College


Canyon Olsen (Football) - College of Idaho

Ashlie Watts (Basketball) - Wenatchee Valley Community College


Mahala Bradburn (Volleyball) - Idaho State University (2018)

Vanessa Hoke (Softball) - Columbia Basin College

Hayden Guttu (Baseball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Madison Kingsbury (Cross Country) - College of Idaho

Ivy Hommell (Softball) - Northwest Nazarene University

Annie Kotte (Soccer) - Arizona Christian

Chase Spangler (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Josie Whitehead (Volleyball) - College of Idaho

Jake Sturman (Cross Country/Track) - Treasure Valley Community College

Ayeesha Ononayie (Soccer) - Eastern Oregon University


Connor Bosma (Football) - Dordt College


Matt Coates (Football) - Mayville State University

Scott Orr (Football) - Mayville State University

McGwire Phillips (Football) - Mayville State University

Eli Bangerter (Football) - Southern Virginia University


Lexi Knauss (Softball) - University of Montana*

Kylie Barber (Lacrosse) - Colorado Mesa College*

Keana Reyes-Burke (Softball) - University of Hawaii - Hilo*

Jake McBride (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Brady Walling (Football) - Olivet Nazarene University

Devon Stapleton (Softball) - North Idaho College

Parker Smith (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Drake Simmons (Baseball) - Everett Community College

Sophie Uhlenkott (Tennis) - Lewis-Clark State College

Elisea Anderson (Softball) - Spokane Falls Community College

Gunnar Cade (Cheer) - Boise State University


Mikee Furrow (Soccer) - University of Montana

DJ Hagler (Football) - Idaho State University

Aleah Mendiola (Softball) - College of Idaho

Chase Downs (Football) - Idaho State University

Reece Robinett (Basketball) - Rocky Mountain College

Abby Furrow (Soccer) - Corban University (2018)


Jessica Smith (Softball) - College of Idaho

Chance Mosley (Golf) - Spokane Community College


Elizabeth Ryan (Soccer) - York University (NE)

Jacey Carr (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Marcus Egusquiza (Golf) - Walla Walla Community College


Tucker Rovig (Football) - Montana State University

Brendan Boily (Baseball) - College of Southern Idaho

Boden Mills (Baseball) - College of Southern Idaho

Jadyn Sutton (Golf) - Northwest Nazarene University

Baylee Kenley (Soccer) - Southwestern Oregon Community College

Tanner McGrath (Baseball) - Big Bend Community College

Brooklyn Ruwe (Soccer/Track) - College of Idaho

Cordell Shelton (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Sebastain Winn-Araneda (Soccer) - Seattle Pacific University

Hailey Hill (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Demerree McLean (Soccer) - Walla Walla Community College

Jake Buss (Lacrosse) - Boise State University

Josh Elsberry (Football) - College of Idaho

Carter Ballenger (Football) - College of Idaho

Keenan Patwell (Football) - College of Idaho

Reagan Badger (Cross Country) - Idaho State University*

Emily Estes (Volleyball) - Wenatchee Valley Community College

Adriana Vickery (Basketball) - College of Idaho

Ariah Joyner (Volleyball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Erik Haun (Football) - Carroll College

Taeli Carrillo (Basketball) - Lane Community College

Cam Flabel (Basketball) - Rocky Mountain College

Abby Kreiser (Basketball) - Oregon Institute of Technology

Shayla Spell (Basketball) - Bluefield College

Jace Richter (Football) - Boise State University

Juan Aguilar (Basketball) - Walla Walla Community College

Chris Evans (Football) - Feather River College

Brooke Orr (Golf) - Walla Walla Community College

Monique Johnson (Volleyball) - North Idaho College

Analynn Hudson (Dance) - University of Utah

Elena Ramos (Dance) - Boise State University

Marissa Shirley (Tennis) - College of Idaho

Jason Felter (Bass Fishing) - Bethel University

Max Elwell (Cheer) - Boise State University

Madi Jensen (Cheer) - Boise State University

Ella Moss (Cheer) - Boise State University

Bailee Nelson (Soccer) - Eastern Washington University (2018)

Jordan St. George (Soccer) - Western Washington University

Mackenzie Robins (Golf) - North Idaho College


Sabrina Radford (Volleyball) - Snow College

Sabina Castaneda (Soccer) - Spokane Community College

Oscar Sepulveda (Track) - Treasure Valley Community College

Isaiah Homer (Cross Country & Track) - Treasure Valley Community College

Pablo Lopez (Cross Country & Track) - Northwest Nazarene University


Megan Yett (Volleyball) - University of Utah (2018)

Joshua de Jong (Football & Track) - Dordt College


Justin Hutton (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Eryck Peterson (Football) - College of Idaho


Dominic Anderson (Track) - Treasure Valley Community College

Micklo Luna (Track) - Treasure Valley Community College

Delia Deleon (Track) - Treasure Valley Community College

Garrett Moyes (Track) - Treasure Valley Community College


Saul Guardado (Soccer) - Oregon Institute of Technology

Alicia Maldonado (Tennis) - Treasure Valley Community College

Celina Esquival (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College


Payton Pinz (Football) - University of Montana Western

Christopher Houghton (Track) - Treasure Valley Community College

Danielle Church (Cross country/track & field) - Eastern Oregon University


Madison Exferd (Softball) - University of Maine at Presque Isle

Roni Shaw (Softball) - University of Maine at Presque Isle

Krystal Benitez (Soccer & Track) - Treasure Valley Community College

Kapen Burke (Baseball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Rachel Henderson (Cross Country & Track) - College of Idaho


Randy Rodriguez (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Kade Linder (Football) - University of Montana Western

Madison Carson (Track) - Lewis-Clark State College


Dedi Seme (Basketball) - Blue Mountain Community College


Sam Tidd (Golf) - University of Oklahoma (2018)

Carson Barry (Golf) - Oregon State University (2018)

Kolby Lee (Basketball) - BYU*

Lily Schlake (Soccer) - University of Portland (2018)

Regan Widner (Soccer) - Carroll College

Faith Dilmore (Cross country/Track & field) - University of Idaho*

Abby Escandon (Lacrosse) - Fort Lewis College*

Connor Wood (Football) - Montana State University

Zach Redd (Football) - Montana State University

Tyler Hollow (Baseball) - Dixie State University

Megan Boals (Cross Country/Track & Field) - Eastern Oregon University

Max Miller (Wrestling) - Minot State University*

Kyle Frazier (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Jake Wilkerson (Football) - Idaho State University

Nolan Walker (Baseball) - College of Southern Idaho

Annika Rademacher (Soccer) - Humbolt State University

Kara Steward (Swimming) - University of Evansville

Spencer Mitchell (Football) - Arizona Western

Carson Plant (Lacrosse) - Florida Southern College

Peyton Pettigrew (Football) - College of Idaho

Ryan Hansen (Baseball) - University of Montana - Billings*

Sydney McCabe (Soccer) - Southwestern Oregon Community College

Brooks Juhasz (Baseball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Kobe Terashima (Basketball) - Montana State University-Billings

Emalee Jordan (Volleyball) - Edmonds Community College

Ranger Downs (Golf) - Oklahoma Christian University

Matt Hroma (Track & Field) - Lewis-Clark State College

Morgan Farrington (Soccer) - Eastern Oregon University

Kenny Zamberlin (Football) - College of Idaho

Brynna Herridge (Soccer) - College of Idaho (2018)

Brooklyn Rankin (Soccer) - North Idaho College

Kevin McGoldrick (Cross country) - Eastern Oregon University


Madalynn Tucker (Basketball) - Treasure Valley Community College


Cade Horn (Wrestling) - Minot State University*


Dani Nay (Volleyball) - Weber State University (2018)

Olivia Bradley (Volleyball) - University of Montana (2018)

Fili Church (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Isaiah Schlegal (Football) - Rocky Mountain College

Adam Nebel (Football) - Benedictine College

Kyle Pierce (Football) - Carroll College

Whitney Bower (Volleyball) - BYU (2020)

Morgan Bower (Volleyball) - BYU (2019)

Johnny Rojas (Soccer) - North Idaho College

Omar Sosa (Soccer) - Northwest Nazarene University

Brenna Rill (Soccer) - University of Idaho (2018)

Hayden Treinen (Baseball) - Southwestern Oregon Community College

Aubrey Barr (Track) - Portland State University


Parker Billings (Soccer) - College of Idaho*

Brooke Foster (Volleyball) - University of Montana*

Grace Michael (Soccer) - Northeastern University (2018)

Jadyn Baumgartner (Soccer) - Whitworth University

Skyler Munroe (Soccer) - Northwest Nazarene University

Matt Belisle (Soccer) - College of Idaho

Abbigail Schwager (Volleyball) - Walla Walla Community College

Sebastian Elu (Baseball) - Walla Walla Community College

Ayden Callahan (Baseball) - Everett Community College

Karleigh Belnap (Soccer) - Union University (2018)

Madison Carter (Soccer) - University of Portland (2018)

Austin Stroup (Baseball) - Pierce College


Haley Schaeffer (Cross country/Track & field) - Queens University (NC)*

Chayse Avalos (Soccer) - Spokane Community College

Tiana Thueson (Soccer) - Spokane Community College

Skylar Holcomb (Baseball) - College of Southern Idaho

Fernando Perez (Soccer) - Blue Mountain Community College

Zach Malina (Golf) - Oregon Institute of Technology

Brady Nelson (Golf) - North Idaho College

Ernesto Salinas (Soccer) - Blue Mountain Community College

Ciera Hadden (Volleyball) - Edmonds Community College

Ryan Nolan (Baseball) - Walla Walla Community College

Kennedi Evans (Volleyball) - University of Utah (2018)

Riley Morfin (Baseball) - College of Idaho

Tychicus Schneider (Soccer & Track) - Treasure Valley Community College

Ryan Eller (Baseball) - Walla Walla Community College

Adnan Sose (Soccer) - College of Idaho

Xander Escobedo (Soccer) - College of Idaho


Drew Dobney (Volleyball) - College of Idaho

Preslee Jensen (Volleyball) - Utah State University (2018)

Abby Hamilton (Basketball) - North Idaho College

Alisa Burkardt (Tennis) - Treasure Valley Community College

Alex McBride (Tennis) - Treasure Valley Community College

Alexis Mulvany (Softball) - Treasure Valley Community College


Brinley Reed (Track) - College of Idaho

Haylie Grant (Track) - College of Idaho

Mike Elorrita (Track) - College of Idaho

Kynsee Mussmann (Volleyball) - Utah State University Eastern

Tannah Sellers (Volleyball) - Sheridan College


Auggie Valdez (Baseball) - Big Bend Community College

Jerred Monnier (Football) - Eastern Oregon University

Emma Longoria (Softball) - Northwest Nazarene University

Brad Hale (Lacrosse) - College of Idaho

Colton Yasinski (Football) - University of Idaho

Nick Fitts (Basketball) - Montana Tech University

Tyus Kitchen (Basketball) - Walla Walla Community College

Jordan Moran (Basketball) - Blue Mountain Community College

Ashley Harris (Cross Country & Track) - Northwest Nazarene University

Annalisa Hamilton (Cross Country & Track) - Northwest Nazarene University

Irvin Angulo (Soccer) - North Idaho College

Andres Bautista (Soccer) - North Idaho College


Lauren Bouvia (Soccer) - UC Davis

Theresa Moyle (Softball) - Central Washington University*

Katie Davis (Softball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Kevin Bravo (Soccer) - Southwestern Oregon Community College

CJ Davis (Volleyball) - Treasure Valley Community College

Hope Fuller (Track) - Treasure Valley Community College

Oscar Padilla (Soccer) - North Idaho College


Natasha Skoglie (Basketball) - Multnomah University

Bryant Alvarado (Soccer) - Treasure Valley Community College


Caulen Michael (Football) - College of Idaho


Blair Radford (Basketball) - Walla Walla Community College

*Signed early letters of intent


HanSena DiNola (Centennial '16) - Westminster to Carroll College soccer

Nate Bruneel (Rocky Mountain '15) - Snow College to College of Idaho basketball

Brenden Kenley (Mountain View '15) - Walla Walla CC to College of Idaho soccer

Bethany Forst (Borah '15) - Columbia Basin CC to Warner Pacific University soccer

Emmalie Griswold (Caldwell '16) - Point Loma Nazarene to College of Idaho softball

Mali Sawyer (Eagle '15) - University of Hawaii at Manoa to College of Idaho volleyball

Taylor Alexander (Mountain View '15) - Shoreline CC to College of Idaho volleyball

Destiny Slocum (Mountain View '16) - Maryland to Oregon State basketball

Damen Thacker (Mountain View '16) - Southern Virginia University to Walla Walla Community College basketball

Val Deltoso (Boise '16) - Oregon to UC Berkley football

Zack Bennett (Rocky Mountain '16) - Arizona Western CC to Idaho State University football

Carson Woolery (Caldwell '15) - Wallla Walla Community College to Montana State University Billings baseball

Makayla Lundin (Bishop Kelly '12) - Colorado/Indiana University to Idaho State University volleyball

Steve Tiersma (Nampa Christian '16) - College of Idaho to Dordt College football

Michael Slagowski (Rocky Mountain '16) - Penn State to Eastern Oregon University Cross Country/Track

Chris Carew (North Star '15) - University of Idaho to College of Idaho golf

Gisela Lopez (Ontario '15) - Treasure Valley Community College to Eastern Oregon University soccer

Carson Wong (Mountain View '16) - to Treasure Valley Community College baseball