BOISE, Idaho — Here in the City of Trees, there are few words as captivating as: "Kellen Moore"

It has been over eight years since he took his last snap at Boise State, but he still holds a number of school records, and no other quarterback in the country has managed to even threaten his all-time record of 50-3 as a starter.

Following a six-year career in the NFL as a player, Moore spent this last season as a quarterbacks coach for the Dallas Cowboys. That stint went so well that recently the Cowboys promoted Moore, 29, and made him the youngest offensive coordinator in the NFL.

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After all of these years, people in Idaho are still eager for Kellen Moore updates; when you tweet about him, people seem to like it, and when you post a story about him online, there is a noticeable desire for such content.

When Moore was at Boise State, NCAA rules prohibited him from benefiting off all that attention. Now that he is no longer in college though, you can bet those words, "Kellen Moore," are two of the most marketable in this community.

Enter Kendall Ford, a local car company that was quite driven to recruit the former Bronco quarterback to their team. For the last six years, the two have had an exclusive relationship, according to Kendall Ford Idaho Regional Manager Paul Ziehr.

"A local college football (player) is a great way to reach out to your community," said Paul Ziehr, "Kellen Moore was like the guy here. Our CEO reached out to him and his agent. It was a great fit right away."

"People literally think of that guy as a hero," continued Ziehr. "Connecting that face with our brand, it's been an absolute great match."

Initially, Moore was just a marketable name, but if you've seen some of the commercials that he has starred in, he has also evolved into a marketable personality.

"He's very dry and straight to the point," joked Ziehr, "but we put a little humor to it."

Some of Moore’s more well-known spots including something called a "Kellendar." In the 30 second advertisement, Moore pitches the idea of becoming a calendar model and even dresses up in costumes to match the seasons.

In another commercial, he attempts to go incognito as a car salesman named "Gary."

"It's just a basic name that just kind of connected Kellen and his dry personality,” explained Ziehr. “He's opening up. That progression has been awesome to watch.”

Ziehr says that Kendall Ford will continue to work with Moore for as long as he wants to business. In that meantime, that means that more comical Kellen commercials are on their way in the near future.

So what is Kendall Ford's next idea? Ziehr says that fans of Moore will just have to wait and see.

"Who knows what the future holds for Kellen and his acting career," said Ziehr with a laugh.

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