BOISE -- A big announcement at Zoo Boise today as they outlined plans for expansion and continued conservation efforts.

Local leaders helped kick off what's being called the "Zoo with a New View" capital campaign.

The campaign aims to help Zoo Boise create awareness about its focus to contribute to conservation efforts around the world.

So far, Zoo Boise has raised about $7.1 million for their new campaign.

They say they need to raise about $1.9 million more before April 2017.

A percentage of the money raised will go to helping restore habitat and wildlife in Mozambique's Gorongosa National Park, as well as create a new Gorongosa Park exhibit at Zoo Boise.

"We're helping to restore this national park in Mozambique that was destroyed during 25 years of war," said Zoo Boise Director Steve Burns. "And over a 10-year period of time Zoo Boise and this community will be contributing $2 million to the restoration effort of Gorongosa."

The new park exhibit will cover about two-and-a-half acres and expand further into Julia Davis Park.

It's expected to feature all kinds of animals you might see at the real park in Africa including Nile crocodiles, African wild dogs and baboons.

The new construction also requires the zoo to remove some of their older exhibits like the aviary and the primate house.

Once the money is raised, construction is expected to start in 2017, with the exhibit opening in 2018.