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Top 3 wildfire prevention tips you need to know

Strong winds and rising temperatures mark the start of wildfire season in the Phoenix area.

Fire officials say wildfire season started with a red flag warning Tuesday. Since then, the Valley has seen four wildfires.

“Tuesday we had a red flag warning, which typically means higher winds and drier conditions are making it more possible for a large fire to occur," said Shawn Gilleland with Rural Metro Fire.

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The most important fire prevention action is creating defensible space around your home, Gilleland said.

"Especially in suburban areas ... you really need 30 feet of defensible space," he said.

Defensible space is the area around and above your home that is clear of fuels like dried debris or plants.

Gilleland stressed the importance of keeping all areas around your home tidy, including the roof. 

“We don’t get a lot of rain here to wash out your gutters, so if you have a fire near your house, ash could fall in your gutters and start on fire.”

The second tip is to watch what you're doing.

Things like driving with metal or debris hanging from your car, smoking, camping, even mowing your lawn could cause a spark that could lead to a blaze.

Gilleland's final tip is to stay alert.

“If you see a small fire starting, get attention to it quickly.”

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