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Third-generation Idaho cattle rancher shares her love for the western lifestyle

"Ranching is really something that is in our blood," Jessie Jarvis says.

GLENNS FERRY, Idaho — Jessie Jarvis is a third-generation Idaho cattle Rancher, a fifth-generation rancher's wife, and mom to a baby boy named Jhett. She and her husband own and operate a ranch just outside Glenns Ferry, Idaho. 

Jarvis is also a huge fan of western fashion. The combination of her love of fashion and her love for the ranching lifestyle has attracted a lot of attention on social media! Her Instagram account has close to 30,000 followers, and it’s growing. 

"The majority of them are from Idaho, a lot are from Texas and the south, primarily west of the Mississipi. I would say my followers are people who definitely have an interest in the western lifestyle because obviously western fashion and ranching is what I showcase," said Jessie Jarvis. "Ranching is really something that is in our blood, my grandparents started our ranch and the fact that we are all able to continue that and I get to show people what we do every day is so rewarding to me. I'm really passionate about agriculture obviously, it's been in my family for a long time, and so that's something that a lot of people are removed from. I want to bring that back to people, so they can see where their food comes from."

Jarvis is well known in her circles for her "western glam" look. It's a little bit country, and a little bit rock and roll. 

"I'm one of the co-owners of a fashion magazine called the Western Runway, and we feature western fashion throughout the year and at rodeos. Everywhere we go, I always have people comment on something, whether it's a purse or a piece of jewelry," said Jarvis. "It's something that so few people see, so they are really interested in it!"

This social media fashionista also earns money on Instagram through sponsored ads and collaborations with other companies and influencers. But, what she loves the most about the Instagram community, is being open and transparent with her followers. 

"I always want to be a place where can I inspire people. If that means making fun of myself or sharing a struggle that I've gone through, I'll do it. I've been pretty open about having anxiety and Type 1 Diabetes," said Jarvis. "Just to know someone else is going through that as well, a lot of people are looking for that. So if I can provide that for somebody I have done my job." 

She also shares her motherhood journey. Her first baby, Jhett, is a toddler who keeps her on the go. Sharing the joys and struggles of motherhood connects her to other new moms in the same position.  

"It's good to be able to band together with other moms. Motherhood is one of those things that we take for granted, but at the same time it's the best part of my day," said Jarvis. "He is a wild child! "He is just the biggest little cowboy you have ever met. If you can get him on a horse, or on a four-wheeler he is happy as a clam. He is an outdoor boy for sure." 

You can follow Jessie Jarvis on Instagram at @mrsjjarv.

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