Hollywood stuntman Eddie Braun fulfilled a lifelong dream today, succeeding where his boyhood idol Evel Knievel could not.

Just before 4 p.m., Braun piloted the rocket "Evel Spirit" across the Snake River Canyon.

Our crew arrived on scene around 11 a.m. And it took about four hours to get the rocket ready for launch.

The jump was made on private land, so it was limited to family and friends of those who put it together. Some of the guests including a group of Boy Scouts and a man who came from England just to see the jump.

By all appearances everything went smoothly. It took about 4 second for the rocket to get up to full speed of 430 mph and a height of about two- to three-thousand feet. The parachute did deploy and rocket landed much further on the other side of the canyon than the quarter-mile distance needed to make the launch a success.

RAW VIDEO: Hollywood stuntman Eddie Braun rockets over the Snake River Canyon

It was on Sept. 8, 1972 that daredevil Evil Knieval attempted to launch his Skycycle across the canyon in front of thousands of onlookers. His parachute deployed early and Knievel crashed his rocket into the rocks near the Snake River on the same side of the canyon where he lifted-off.

When Braun made his safe landing in a field on the other side of the canyon, the crowd cheered loudly. One man exclaimed he just saw history being made.