BOISE --- One of the great things about this time of year is that our gardens and farmers' markets are full of lots of fresh produce, especially cucumbers and sweet corn.

Today on "You Can Grow It," our Jim Duthie teams up with one of our favorite cooks, Chef Lou Aaron, for an interesting combination that we're sure you're going to want to try at home.

We're are Chef Lou's kitchen at the West Side Drive-In, and we're going to be making an interesting dish including some things that are coming out in the garden right now, sweet corn and cucumbers.

Sweet corn is available just about everywhere now, in the supermarkets and at farm stands. When you select fresh corn, look for the silk tassle. You want it to be drying out, somewhat blonde in color. Each silk is connected to a kernel of corn.

Cucumbers come in all shapes and sizes, some 200 varieties, and are related to melons and gourds. You might be familiar with the common long, straight cucumber with the dark skin. There are English cucumbers, then there is this variety, which is an Armenian cuke, that is light green and sometimes curves. But you don't have to peel the skin.

We take the corn, husk it and wash it, then cut the cob in half lengthwise, half it again, then half it again, to create these wedges. We're going to deep fry it after dipping it in a batter coating. First, cover the corn with buttermilk and let it sit for about 30 minutes.

While it's soaking, prepare your coating, made from corn meal mixed with white flour. Use the flour or the corn meal will make it gritty and clumpy. Add some spices, including salt and pepper, powdered garlic and some parsley flakes.

Coat the buttermilk-soaked corn and dredge it in the coating, and drop into hot oil for about one minute.

Don't cook it any longer than a minute, or you'll end up with popcorn!

Remove it from the oil and drain it on a paper towel.

Then prepare your cucumber sauce. Take a cup of peeled and chopped cucumber, add mayonnaise, spicy mustard and sour cream, as well as some minced onions, and other spices, and stir. Let it sit in the refrigerator for a few minutes.

Dip or spread the sauce on the deep-fried corn, and eat it just like you would regular corn on the cob.

This is a great treat and a great way to use up your excess corn and cucumbers. You'll want to try this at home. Here is the full recipe online.