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'I will never forgive them': Larry Woodcock discusses grief during Vallow trial

"It affects you differently when it's yours," Larry said. "It does, it hurts, and it's a hurt that you don't unsee. It's a hurt that you can't unhear."

BOISE, Idaho — Love and pain are two emotions Larry Woodcock, grandfather to JJ Vallow, is very familiar with.

JJ is one of Lori Vallow Daybell's two children who were reported missing and then later found dead along with his sister Tylee on Lori's current husband, Chad Daybell's property in June of 2020.

The story of the two missing children and the discovery of their remains garnered attention from across the nation, and now that the murder trial is underway, more sensitive details and evidence have been released.

For Larry Woodcock and his wife Kay, who have been in court every day of the trial, it has brought up a lot of emotion and grief.

"We've had some hard days....and we've had some days that were really good," Larry said. "The first day I was there, I was angry at Lori and I got admonished. I was very angry. Am I still angry? Yes, I'm very angry at her. But I know in my heart that there will be a verdict. I pray that that verdict is a just and honest verdict.

"I watched Lori every day; I try not to watch her where I can get in trouble with the court, but I watch her constantly," Larry said. "And I think that from what I've seen, I haven't seen a change in Lori. When Lori is laughing at evidence — hard evidence — to me, she is frightened. I think she is hiding her guilt, her association, and I think that she knows the consequences of her choices is soon to be handed out."

Larry said it is upsetting seeing Vallow laugh at the evidence in court.

"If I had a shovel, and I could bash her in the face in front of God and everybody, I would do it," he said. "But she has rights." 

When it comes to the hardest part of sitting through the trial, however, Larry said it's the memories of the children that make it the most difficult to sit through.

"The pictures... the pictures just devastated Kay and I. The court allowed me to review the photographs, JJ and Tylee," Larry said. "I've seen death in my life. I've seen lots of it; it's a different perspective. It affects you differently when it's yours. It does, it hurts, and it's a hurt that you don't unsee it's a hurt that you can't unhear.

"I hope one day one of those people will try to express to me how none of these people stepped up and said, 'this has got to stop'," Larry said. "I can't imagine how these people could do such a thing to children. My mind simply cannot, it doesn't process that, and for that — whether they're found guilty, or whether they walk out — I will never forgive them."

Larry also expressed his gratitude for the community and their support during this time.

"I want to say how thankful we are to the people of Boise — to the people of Idaho," Larry said.

"The one thing that has brought us a bit of happiness in there is Kay and I have met so many wonderful people — and I'm talking about the residents of this state. It's an amazing state."

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