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KTVB digitizing several original shows, including 'Exploring Idaho' and 'Incredible Idaho'

For our 70th anniversary, KTVB is working to digitize original shows and put them up on all our platforms, including YouTube and KTVB+.

BOISE, Idaho — For 70 years, KTVB Channel 7 has seen dozens of changes, from black and white to color TV, faces and names bringing you the news, even a name change.

KTVB was originally KIDO-TV until 1959 when owner Georgia Davidson sold the radio portion of the business and changed the station's call letters to KTVB.

During our 70 years, we have produced a number of original programs, including "Junior Varsity Quiz," "Sheriff Spud," "Periscope," "Charlie the Chimp," and "Peculiar Playhouse."

Two of the most popular series ran in the 1990s: "Incredible Idaho" and "Exploring Idaho."

"Incredible Idaho" ran from May 1991 until July 1998, and focused on what makes Idaho so incredible: the outdoors and everything it has to offer.

Credit: KTVB
KTVB's "Incredible Idaho" show ran from 1991 to 1998.

The show's original host was Jack Hemingway, the oldest son of famed author Ernest Hemingway.

"I called Jack and I said, 'Jack, we're creating this new show 'Incredible Idaho.' It's about hunting, fishing, wildlife conservation, etc. I'd really like you to host this show,' former KTVB news director Rod Gramer said. "And I thought he would say no, but he said yes."

Hemingway hosted the half-hour series for several years. When he decided to leave the show, Gramer hired Wayne Walker in 1994.

Walker, who was originally from Boise, played middle linebacker for the Detroit Lions for 15 years before coming back home and working for KTVB.

The "Exploring Idaho" series ran from May 1993 to December 1998.

Credit: KTVB

Host Dee Sarton, along with contributors Dave Mills, John Miller, Roland Beres, producer Jennifer Isenhart, and photographer Bill Krumm took viewers across the Gem State to explore everything it has to offer. From the Hiawatha Trail to Hells Canyon to Island Park and Bear Lake, no part of Idaho is left untouched.

“We got to meet a lot of really interesting people that are out there doing amazing things," producer Jennifer Isenhart said about the show.

“I remember having experiences like that where you’re just getting eaten by mosquitoes or you hiked for miles, but we loved it," show creator and photographer Bill Krumm said. "Because in the end, you had this footage that you just were so proud to share."

The half-hour show ran monthly, with three to four features in every episode. At the end of most episodes, KTVB advertised a 'field guide' that you could have sent to you with more information about what was in that episode.

Every year, the series would run an hour-long special, 'The Best of Exploring Idaho.'

“It holds a very dear place in my heart to have had that experience," Krumm said. 

Shows will be added frequently to our digital platforms, including YouTube and KTVB+.

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