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Oregon mom finds pill in kid's Halloween candy

The mom found a pill labeled 'Advil' mixed in with colorful hard candies. Officials are having it tested

PORTLAND, Ore. — North Plains police and the Washington County Sheriff’s Officeare reminding parents to check their kids' Halloween candy haul after a North Plains mom found a pill mixed in with a “SweeTarts” candy.

The mother called police when she discovered a pill that resembled a chewable Advil in her daughter’s Halloween candy.

The call came in from the 10100 block of NW Curtis Street.

Deputies have sent the pill to the state crime lab for testing.

"They look very similar, if you're not paying close attention you wouldn't know what it was. The danger wouldn't necessarily be eating a chewable Advil," said Deputy Brian Van Kleef, Washington Co. Sheriff's Office. 

"It could be something a drug maker produced to look like an Advil tablet, but it could be an illicit drug, it could be Fentanyl, it could be something potentially harmful to a child."

Neighbors say it is a nice and quiet neighborhood. Greg Walter was shocked to learn that someone in his neighborhood might have done this.

"It's just disappointing, it's supposed to be fun and about the kids, the fact someone would do that it's pretty disappointing."

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