BAKER CITY, Ore. — Kody Austin Johns, a participant in last weekend's Baker County rodeo, is facing a citation for five counts of animal neglect. 

Deputy Jeff Spencer responded to a complaint that two horses and three dogs were being neglected at Halfway Fairgrounds at 2:20 p.m. on Sept. 1, according to a press release from the Baker County Sheriff's Office.

When the deputy arrived he observed two horses tied to a fifth-wheel trailer, two dogs inside the trailer and a third dog that had escaped, according to officials. 

The animals were left unattended in the hot sun for several hours without the minimum requirements of food, water and shelter, the sheriff's office says.

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The deputy attempted to contact the owner throughout the day but was unsuccessful. 

Finally at 9:45 p.m., the authorities reached Johns and he was the issued citation.

In Oregon the minimum care for all domestic animals includes:

  • Enough quality food to support regular growth and proper weight 
  • Access to suitable drinking water
  • Suitable air temperature 
  • Veterinary care when necessary to ease pain from illness, injury, or disease
  • Access to a place kept clean from excessive waste and contaminants 
  • Constant access to an enclosed structure that protects the animal from wind, rain, snow or sun that includes dry bedding 

Oregon law defines inadequate shelter as:

  • Crawl spaces under parts of a building such as steps, decks or overhangs
  • The space under a car or truck
  • Inside a car if kept in a manner that would harm the animals health or safety
  • Cardboard shelters
  • Wire or plastic travel crates
  • Shelters with wire or chain-link floors (unless a bird)
  • Shelters filled with waste or other obstructions that affect animal health

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