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2 bobcats try to flirt, end up yelling at each other instead

Colorado bobcats in love?

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. — This Valentine’s Day, humans across the world will attempt to flirt during a Hallmark holiday that honors the beauty of love.

Of course, there are some humans that aren’t so good at flirting, because honestly, it's hard. 

With that being said, be thankful that your flirting (likely) doesn’t sound anything like these two bobcats. 

They were caught on camera falling in love(?) on January 29 by Robyn Sloan’s wildlife camera near Lyons, Colorado.

To be honest, there’s a lot to unpack. There’s yelling. There’s moaning. There are verbal exchanges are impossible to comprehend. Some would say it kind of sounds like two dinosaurs. Others would say it sounds like the music of Coldplay. 

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No, this isn’t a fight you hear from your neighbor’s house. This is the animal kingdom, and you’re actually blessed to see this video.

After all, according to Clear Creek County’s website, bobcats are “secretive and seldom seen.” Nevertheless, they occur wildly in North America, ranging from southern Canada to central Mexico.

Now let’s get back to the Valentine’s Day peg for this story: bobcats breed in the late winter and produce a single litter.

Judging from the video above, it’s not quite clear if this particular romantic bobcat interaction was successful. If it was, we wish this happy couple all the best. 

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