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Voter guide: Local elections around Idaho on May 18

Among the issues: A school board member faces a recall vote in Nampa, and school bonds are on the ballot in the Emmett and Jerome school districts.
Credit: KTVB

BOISE, Idaho — With the hard-fought, high-profile state and national campaigns of 2020 now recent history, local elections in May of an odd-numbered year may fly under the radar, but many of the races on the ballot will determine who oversees local libraries and roads in numerous communities around Idaho. For some, funding for school operations, construction, or renovation is on the line.

Voters in the City of Cascade will decide the fate of a proposed 1% local-option sales tax.

The races and issues on the ballot for the May 18 election are primarily related to entities such as school districts, highway districts or library districts - and there are no elections this time in some communities.

Idaho has four consolidated election days each year; they are in March, May, August and November.

You can find your polling place, information about absentee voting, and check your registration status through the links on our Voter Resources page.

Check our county-by-county breakdown below to find out what's on the ballot where you live. The list will be updated when and if we receive new information before the date of the election. Participating counties are listed in alphabetical order. Counties not participating are not listed.

Ada County

Kuna Library Trustee (candidates for 6-year term)

  • Rachel Byington
  • Liz Caldwell
  • Bobbie Sailer

Meridian Library Trustees (candidates for 6-year term; vote for two)

  • Jody Richael
  • Tyler Ricks
  • Laura Knutson
  • Becky McKinstry

Adams County

Meadows Valley School District

  • Supplemental levy: $217,000 per year for two years
  • Maintenance and operations
  • For fiscal years beginning July 1, 2021 and ending June 30,2023
  • Estimated cost to property owner: $68.62 per $100,000 of taxable assessed value each year

Salmon River Joint School District 243

  • Supplemental levy: $515,000 for one year
  • Maintenance and operations
  • For fiscal year beginning July 1, 2021
  • Estimated cost to property owner: $3.25 per $100,000 of taxable assessed values
  • District also includes part of Idaho County

Camas County

Camas County Cemetery District levy temporary override

  • $33,331 per year for two years to "improve, develop, maintain and operate the district's four cemeteries, as well as organize and computerize all records." (from official ballot question)
  • Estimated cost to property owner: $20.00 per $100,000 of taxable assessed property value

Canyon County 

Nampa School District Board of Trustees

  • Recall: Zone 4 trustee Kim Rost

Ballot statement in support of recall:

"We, the undersigned citizens and registered electors of Nampa School District Board of Trustees Zone 4, respectfully demand that Kim Rost, holding the office of Board of Trustees Seat of Zone 4 within the Nampa School District, be recalled by the registered electors of the Nampa School District Zone 4 for the following reasons: 1. We feel that as a Zone, we are not being represented as a majority by Kim Rost. 2. We feel that as a group, we have not had our voices heard or represented on numerous occasions within School Board meetings. 3. We are concerned about her perceived targeting of Dr. Paula Kellerer and the district office leadership who have worked tirelessly during these unprecedented times. 4. We feel that she has demonstrated a lack of leadership in her service as Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees has pushed a personal agenda that ignores guidance provided by science and medical professionals: with these reasons, we feel that a special election therefore be called."

Nampa School Board Trustee Kim Rost's statement

"Over the past 16 years, my volunteer service for the Nampa School District has been unwavering. It began when my eldest started Kindergarten as a weekly classroom helper; from there, PTA President, volunteer substitute teacher, Daddy-Daughter Dance Chairman, Camp IdaHaven & Project Graduation Coordinator; then, a Trustee for Zone 4 serving on the District's Financial Audit, Facilities, and Graduation Requirements Review committees. The community relationships made over this time have been invaluable.

"As Board Chair, I ensured Trustees received information from doctors, psychologists, counselors, law enforcement, parents, and teachers prior to making decisions. All of my actions have been in accordance with Idaho Laws and Trustee Code of Ethics, with counsel by the Idaho School Board Association or legal counsel when required. The role of the board is to govern, and we are responsible to approve all district funds prior to their distribution as a part of the system of checks and balances with the superintendent as the only employee hired and evaluated by the Board.

"My goal as a Trustee has always been transparency and accountability with the families of this community at the forefront of my mind. I humbly ask for your vote 'Against Recall.'" 

Canyon County Highway Commissioner

Sub District 1 (Four-year term)

  • Jay S. Gibbons

Sub District 2 (Four-year term)

  • John J. McEvoy
  • Randy Wood

Golden Gate Highway Commissioner

Sub District 1 (Four-year term)

  • Andy Bishop
  • David Lincoln

Sub District 2 (Four-year term)

  • Ed Leavitt
  • Virgil Holsclaw

Kuna Library Trustee (candidates for 6-year term)

  • Rachel Byington
  • Liz Caldwell
  • Bobbie Sailer

Cassia County

Burley Highway District

Commissioner Subdistrict 1

  • Bart Bowers

Commissioner Subdistrict 3 

  • Todd Whitehead
  • Jed W. Wayment

City of Burley temporary override levy for library

  • $277,280 per year for two years (July 1, 2021-June 30,2023)
  • 51% of general operating funds for public library; software and equipment systems, e-books, audio and visual materials; librarian and support staff salaries; service and maintenance; contracted computer technician; junior resource interns 
  • Estimated cost per year for property owners: $40.77 per $100,000 of taxable assessed property value

Custer County

Lost River Highway District Commissioner Zone 3

  • Byron R. Pehrson

Elmore County

Glenns Ferry Highway District Commissioner District 3

  • Ken Rowe
  • Mark A. Noble

Glenns Ferry Highway District Commissioner District 2

  • Dewey C. Crane

Gem County

$68 million bond measure - Emmett Independent School District

  • Issuance of general obligation school bonds "in a principal amount not to exceed $68,000,000" for purchasing land and building a new high school, and for repairs and updates to existing school facilities.
  • Estimated cost to property owner per year: $194 per $100,000 of taxable assessed property value
  • District also includes portion of Boise County

Gooding County

Wendell Highway District

Commissioner Sub-District 1

  • Stevia Webb
  • G. Clint Andrews

Commissioner Sub-District 2

  • Mitchell William Bunn
  • Curtis L. Peterson

Jerome Joint School District

  • $27 million bond measure in Jerome Joint School District (details under Jerome County)

Jerome County 

$27 million bond measure - Jerome Joint School District No. 261

"Shall the Board of Trustees of Jerome Joint School District No. 261, Jerome, Gooding, and Lincoln Counties, State of Idaho be authorized to issue general obligation school bonds of said District, in one or more series, in a principal amount not to exceed $27,000,000 for the purpose of constructing a new elementary school; financing the addition, remodel and/or repair of the existing Jefferson and Horizon elementary school buildings; and to repair or equip any other buildings necessary to maintain and operate the buildings of the District, such series of bonds to become due in such installments as may be fixed by the Board, for a term not to exceed twenty years, all as provided in the Resolution adopted by the Board on February 23, 2021?

"The interest rate anticipated on the proposed bond issue is 2.08% per annum. The total amount estimated to be repaid over the life of the bonds, based on the anticipated interest rate, is $25,887,436 consisting of $27,000,000 in principal and $6,373,000 of interest, totaling $33,373,000, less $7,485,564 in estimated bond levy equalization payments. The term of the bonds will not exceed 20 years.

"The total existing bonded indebtedness of the District, including interest accrued, is $34,971,771.

"The estimated average annual cost to the taxpayer on the proposed bond levy is a tax of $84 per $100,000 of taxable assessed value, per year, based on current conditions. The District's existing levies for prior bonds and other levy items are expected to decrease by $84 per $100,000, which would result in no net change in the District's total property tax rate if the proposed bonds are approved."

Lincoln County

Richfield Highway District

Commissioner Zone 1

  • John Brooks
  • Robert Newey

Minidoka County

Minidoka County Highway District

Commissioner Subdistrict 2

  • Richard (Rick) Kraus
  • Marty Van Tassell

Commissioner Subdistrict 3

  • Mike Fleming
  • Jeffrey B. Clark

City of Burley library bond (see Cassia County for details)

Payette County 

New Meadows School District

  • Supplemental levy: $350,000 per year for two years
  • Maintenance and operations; purchase of new school bus
  • Fiscal years beginning on July 1, 2021 and ending June 30,2023
  • Estimated cost to property owner: $63.75 per $100,000 of taxable assessed value each year

Valley County

City of Cascade local option tax

  • 1% sales tax for a period of five years
  • A single-item purchase over $1,000 is exempt
  • Revenue to be used for streets, sidewalks, pedestrian crosswalks, pathways and other public rights-of-way; also, public parks maintenance, development, and beautification

North Lake Recreational Sewer and Water Board (vote for two)

  • David Parrish
  • Christianne Crump
  • John P. Sommerwerck

McCall Memorial Hospital Board (vote for two)

  • Travis J. Leonard
  • Marge Krahn
  • John P. Sommerwerck

City of McCall Library Bond

  • Principal amount of not more than $4.2 million
  • To build and furnish a new addition to the city's library facilities, and renovate and furnish existing library facilities
  • Estimated cost per year to property owners: $15.98 per $100,000 of taxable assessed property value

Washington County 

Weiser Valley Highway District

Commissioner Sub-District II

  • Jeffrey Boles
  • David Jenkins