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Idaho Primary Election guide: Congressional, statewide and legislative offices

New legislative and congressional districts are in place for this election. Your polling place and which district you're in may have changed.

Jeremy Stiles

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Published: 5:19 PM MDT April 7, 2022
Updated: 8:46 AM MDT May 17, 2022

Both of Idaho's representatives to the U.S. House, one U.S. Senator, the entire Idaho Legislature and all seven elected statewide offices are up for election this year.

The 2022 Idaho Primary Election, set for May 17, will determine which candidates will represent the Constitution, Democratic, Libertarian and Republican parties in the general election in November. In some districts, only one party is represented, so the primary also will effectively determine who wins that office.

This guide includes a rundown of candidates for statewide, congressional and legislative offices. For county offices and local bond or levy measures, click or tap here.

To see candidates for a particular race, go to the chapter bar at the top of this story, scroll sideways to find the one you're interested in, and select that chapter link. Parties are listed in alphabetical order. Independent candidates do not appear on primary ballots, and are not listed here.

Also, be sure to check out the chapter on redistricting. You may be in a different legislative district this year, even if you haven't moved since the last election. Idaho's six-member, bipartisan redistricting commission adopted the new legislative and congressional districts last November. Both plans were challenged; the Idaho Supreme Court rejected those lawsuits and issued decisions upholding both the congressional and legislative maps.

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