BOISE -- Presidential hopeful Donald Trump told KTVB Tuesday morning he hasn't ruled out the idea of coming to Idaho to campaign.

The Republican candidate said he has a short vacation planned for the Gem State, but no campaign stop currently scheduled. Still, he said, his apparent popularity in Idaho may change that.

"As a campaign stop, maybe later, but I think we have a need of it," he said. "I seem to be doing quite well there, and I think a lot of the people are really looking forward, and I know the polls have been pretty good."

Trump called a win in Idaho "very important" in the election.

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The candidate also touched on jobs and his immigration plan, which he said would not have a negative effect on rural states like Idaho, many of which rely on migrant workers in agricultural jobs.

"People will be able to come in, you'll be able to get the workers you need, we have to do that, but they will come in through a legal process, the process will be made a legal process," Trump said. "You know, if we don't have borders, we don't have a country."

He said he had not yet decided how to respond to requests from Hailey-native Bowe Bergdahl's attorney to meet with them for an interview. Trump has publicly called Bergdahl - who spent years as a Taliban captive and is now being charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy - a "traitor" and said he should be executed.

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Trump said he'd been notified the lawyer wanted to speak with him ahead of Bergdahl's trial, but was still mulling over his response.

"I will talk to anybody, but I am not a fan [of Bergdahl,]" he said.

A poll released Monday by Idaho Politics Weekly presented by Zions Bank shows Donald Trump as a favorite candidate among Idaho Republicans with 30 percent of the votes.

Polling stations for the Republican primary open at 8 a.m. Tuesday, March 8. The Democrats will hold caucuses later this month, on March 22.

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Trump said he had a message for Idahoans if he wins the primary.

"I'll never forget you, and I'll continue to eat your potatoes - which I'll do anyway because they're the greatest in the world - and we're going to make sure we protect that," he said.