More than 100 protesters lined Capitol Boulevard in downtown Boise Thursday.

“We would like an answer, we would like to know what they say to the thousands of Idahoans that are going to lose their health care,” says Mistie Tolman, Idaho Legislative Director for Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood supporters were just one group out of several in downtown Boise calling on Idaho's congressmen for answers.

“We are asking questions about immigration policy, were asking questions about LGBT rights today,” says Joseph Kibbe.

“We are resisting the Trump agenda, we want our congressman to stand up to massive changes in our country that are not the American way,” added Nathaniel Hoffman.

A common theme among demonstrators was a lack of response from Idaho's U.S. senators and representatives.

“We have had our people supporters and activists signing petitions, sending emails, and getting of course their form letter answers and responses but no real answer what they are doing to support Idahoans,” says Tolman.

KTVB caught up with U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson at an unrelated event Wednesday.

Simpson says he's always available to his constituents but not in the form of a shouting match.

“If a town hall meeting is just an event to draw publicity to something to get up and shout, then I have got a problem with that. If a group wants to get together and have a serious dialogue about an issue in a civil manner I got no problem with that,” says Simpson

A representative from Sen. Mike Crapo's office told KTVB said no town halls are planned at this time. Rep. Raul Labrador's office and Sen. Jim Risch say they plan to host more town halls but have not set any dates yet.