BOISE - Coeur d'Alene third-term state representative Luke Malek has thrown his hat into the ring for Raul Labrador's seat in the 1st Congressional District.

The 35-year-old College of Idaho and University of Idaho Law School grad told KTVB he knows he is the underdog in a GOP field that includes Dave Leroy and Russ Fulcher, but he believes his passion for the state's industries, education and his willingness to listen to citizens of the district will be the difference.

"The odds are stacked against me ... I can''t deny that," Malek said. "It's been a long, long time since someone from my part of the state way up north has been elected to Congress 1st District. But, odds have never been an issue for me in what I've set out to accomplish in terms of good policy and I don't think they'll be a complication in this either.

"I am running and I'm going to run with everything I've got."

The last time a candidate from the Panhandle won a seat in Congress was Clark Fork Democrat Compton Ignatius White Jr., who served from 1963 until 1967.