Republican gubernatorial candidate Tommy Ahlquist says he would reinstate term limits for Idaho's top politicians and implement tougher disclosure laws if elected governor in 2018.

The Boise businessman unveiled his 10-point plan for ethics reform on Tuesday, arguing that Idaho needs increased transparency in government.

At the top of Ahlquist's plan is limiting statewide candidates to two, four-year terms.

Ahlquist, a political newcomer, says term limits prevent professional politicians from putting the needs of special interest groups over those of taxpayers.

In 2002, Idaho lawmakers overrode a gubernatorial veto while repealing a citizen-imposed term limit law.

Ahlquist also says he wants to require public officials to disclose their source of personal income and create an online database of lobbyist gifts.

Ahlquist is running against Republicans U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador and Lt. Gov. Brad Little.