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Former disgraced lawmaker returns to public eye

John McGee is serving as chairman of the Downtown Caldwell Organization.
John McGee, 2012

CALDWELL, Idaho -- A former Idaho lawmaker is returning to the public eye after two highly publicized political scandals two years ago caused him to resign.

The Idaho Press-Tribune reports that former GOP state Sen. John McGee is now serving as chairman of the Downtown Caldwell Organization in southwestern Idaho.

The group focuses on revitalizing downtown Caldwell to attract more businesses.

McGree quit the legislature amid sexual harassment allegations in 2012, preceded by a drunken driving arrest on Father's Day a year before.

McGee stepped down before the Idaho Senate ethics committee could conduct an investigation on what happened. He spent 39 days in jail.

After a two year respite, McGee says his local community has been supportive as he returns to a public seat again.