Did you know that in Idaho politicians are only required to report the money they spend and raise via broadcast and mailer ads?

That means money raised from social media and email ads is not reported.

Officials in charge of Idaho's elections and local lawmakers from both sides of the aisle think it's time the state updates how campaign contributions are reported

Secretary of State Lawerence Denney and state legislators want to update Idaho's Sunshine Law, which was passed back in 1974.

They say campaigns, people and the way we do business are all changing and it's time that's reflected in campaign transparency.

Several changes are being considered.

One would require elections at the local level to report all contributions if money raised exceeds $500, currently school board candidates and county coroners are not required to file a sunshine report.

Another proposal, cracking down on campaign dollars coming from out of state.

Denney says if a large sum of money comes from somewhere else than Idaho it’s difficult to track, and he wants to implement a rule where politicians must disclose who is contributing out-of-state money if it exceeds $1,000.

Also, Denney says he wants politicians to report campaign contributions more frequently rather than just before and after primary and general elections.

But there are some issues Denney and lawmakers haven't figured out how to tackle.

“Social media is changing the way elections are done and we have always had reporting by dollar amount and with social media, sometimes there is no dollar amount attached to that so how do you report something when you have no identifiable measure to report,” said Denney.

Denney and lawmakers plan to meet again in October.