If one ballot measure in Canyon County passes in November, hundreds of students will be living in a different school district. Dozens of parents are spearheading the move from the Nampa School District to the Vallivue School District.

"They (parents) had public meetings and it was determined it should go forward to the voters so in November people in just that square mile will decide if they want to remain in Nampa School district," explained Dr. Patrick Charlton, who is the Vallivue School District Superintendent.

The proposed change includes the area between Franklin, Ustick, Northside and Cherry. Charlton says about 300 students live in that area.

Marie Goff lives in one of the subdivisions inside the boundary change proposal. She says it just makes sense. Right now her oldest daughter goes to Columbia High School when Ridgevue is right around the corner.

"Going 20 minutes out of our way to get her to school seems kinda ridiculous," said Goff.

If the annexation moves forward, Charlton says the only tight squeeze at this point would be in the middle schools which are nearly at capacity.

"We would have to figure out what to do there to accommodate the additional students," said Charlton.

He says the district does plan on bringing a bond to Vallivue voters in the Spring of 2019 to build a third middle school.

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The Nampa School District has open enrollment, so Charlton says students would have the choice to stay in their current school if thee annexation moves forward.

Goff's says it would be hard for older students to change schools and she's glad there would be a choice. Her oldest daughter would most likely stay at Columbia because she has developed so many friendships.

The Nampa School District tells us they hope voters choose to stay with the district.

"While the Nampa School District will work to accommodate in open enrollment as many families as possible, we can’t guarantee open enrollment for all students who request it," the district cautioned in a statement. "That’s because state funding follows students, meaning Nampa would lose a significant amount of money up front. If we open enroll a student, that money would eventually come to our district the registration period, but we won’t have that information when we are staffing each building, meaning we may not have enough teachers in that location to accommodate transfers. We currently anticipate that 200 Nampa School District students would be affected by this change."