BOISE - On Tuesday, May 15, voters in Idaho will decide on statewide, legislative and county primary races.

One featured primary, the race for Idaho’s next lieutenant governor.

Five Republicans and two Democrats are competing in their respective parties for the chance to be on the ballot in the November general election.

To help the voters learn more about each candidate, we reached out to the campaigns and asked them to answer the following question:

Why are you the best choice to serve in the Statehouse for the people of Idaho?

Below are the answers from each campaign.

Republican, Marv Hagedorn

"The Lt. Governor’s job is not to set policy (this is a Legislative action), it’s to fairly run the floor of the Senate while providing back up services and council to the Governor. Our new Governor will need advise from someone with vast experience’s to help make many new decisions and provide council on historical issues yet unresolved. There will also be critical needs for advise during natural disasters on the effective utilization of our National Guard.

I’m the only candidate who is a 20 year Navy veteran, has served in the House and Senate Natural Resources Committee and grew up with a hunting/fishing license. I’ve spent 12 years working on our state’s transportation infrastructure, have negotiated multi-million dollar international business contracts and has a 12 year legislative history. My experiences will help our new Governor hit the deck running and that success, for Idaho, will be my focus!”

Republican, Janice McGeachin

"I am the best choice for Lt. Governor because I have the heart to serve the people of Idaho and not to further my own special interests. I have a solid conservative voting record supporting the principles of the Republican Party and of our Constitution. After serving as a state representative for ten years and honoring the vote of the people and term-limiting myself, I went home. As a successful small business owner, I know how to create jobs, build and maintain Idaho companies.

I have become deeply concerned about the direction Idaho is headed and how difficult it has become for families and businesses to be successful. The level of government intrusion, corruption, and cronyism has grown to an all-time high. It is time for politics as usual to come to an end in Boise.

I humbly and respectfully ask for your vote to become Idaho’s next Lt. Governor."

Republican, Bob Nonini

Rep. Bob Nonini_12045493
Rep. Bob Nonini

My name is Bob Nonini, and I intend to be your next Lt. Governor of Idaho. I am running for this position after serving the last 14 years in the Idaho Legislature.

Despite multiple candidates in the race, the choice for proven conservative leadership is clear. You only need to look at the records (or lack of any records) to see which candidate can and will deliver on their campaign promises. Whether those promises involve School Choice, the Second Amendment, Pro-Life, Economic Development and Taxes, or Water Rights, no candidate stands a close second to my experience on these issues. I have kept all my promises and successfully passed legislation to create a better Idaho.

As an Idaho native, my passion is representing the needs of our citizens. Experience Matters. Experience Counts. Idaho needs Nonini, and I need your support on Tuesday, May 15th.

Republican, Kelley Packer

Kelly Packer
Kelly Packer

I am the best candidate for Lt. Governor, because I’ve proven I have a great work ethic, I am approachable and available for meetings, I’m honest about where I stand on issues, I’m consistent and fair in my dealings with others, and most importantly I strive to treat everyone with respect and kindness. Another great quality is my ability to build relationships and partnerships to get things done efficiently and effectively. I will use those skills to work with the new Governor and the agency directors to move Idaho forward in a positive and healthy manner. I’m pro-life, I’m pro-gun, I’m pro-small government, I’m pro-limited spending, but most importantly, I’m pro-Idaho! Remember Kelley a Packer Backer on May 15th.

Republican, Steve Yates

Steve Yates
Steve Yates

My experience in public service nationally makes me a very different candidate - and uniquely qualified - to be Lt. Governor. My work at the Heritage Foundation and in Vice President Cheney's office provided deep experience with development and implementation of conservative policies, and provided the opportunity to forge close ties with leaders among Idaho's key trade partners. Additionally, I spent three years prior to this campaign traveling the state as Chairman of the Idaho Republican Party - developing relationships with local leaders across the whole state, and building coalitions among diverse groups of people. These are core duties required of a successful Lt. Governor - promoting economic development and rallying diverse groups of people behind a policy agenda. As Lieutenant Governor, I will focus on implementing solutions to education, healthcare, land use and the economy that better serve Idahoans and increase our competitiveness relative to our neighbors.

Democrat, Kristin Collum

Dem_Kristin Collum_1526083566337.jpg.jpg
Kristin Collum

Idaho is my home, a home my husband, four daughters, and I love. But our state is crippled by an imbalanced government that no longer listens to or represents its people. This fuels my passion to get off the sidelines and become part of the solution for a better, stronger Idaho. As a former Army officer and a large technical project/program manager at major companies, I have decades of leadership experience that qualify and prepare me to be the Lieutenant Governor of Idaho: as Acting Governor in the absence of the Governor, as President of the Senate, and spearheading special projects. I’ve made tough decisions, spoken truth to power, and strategized, successfully leading diverse teams to get the job done. It’s time to put my assets to work for a greater cause, and I am ready to serve.

Democrat Jim Fabe could not be reached for comment on this story.