BOISE - On Tuesday, May 15, voters in Idaho will decide a number of statewide, legislative and county primary races. And in Idaho's 1st Congressional District, one Democrat and one Republican will be chosen to face off for the seat being vacated by Rep. Raul Labrador, who is running for governor.

The battle to represent Idaho in Washington, D.C., has a packed field, with seven Republicans and three Democrats vying for the seat.

To help the voters learn more about each candidate, we reached out to the campaigns and asked them to answer the following question:

"Why are you the best choice to serve District One in Washington D.C.?"

Below are the answers from each campaign.

For a look at all of the races and funding requests you'll find on your ballot, as well as a wealth of voter resources, visit our Voter Guide page.

Russ Fulcher
Russ Fulcher 

Russ Fulcher (Republican)

"I have global business experience and a legislative track record that prepares me well to serve Idahoans in Congress.

"Growing up on a Meridian dairy farm, I gained a great work ethic and an understanding of Idaho values. Then, as an early employee of Micron and later with Preco Electronics, I was blessed to learn perspectives on global business and government… on location in 47 countries and 50 states.

My serving in the Idaho Senate from ‘05 through ‘14 necessitated the career change that took me to my current profession – real estate broker. As state Senator, I was honored to sponsor and pass the grocery tax credit, plus multiple pieces of legislation promoting life, school choice, and 2nd amendment rights.

"I understand the impact government has on Idahoans. I have the relevant life experience and skillset to work with colleagues and President Trump to improve prosperity and freedom in Idaho!"

Nick Henderson
Nick Henderson

Nick Henderson (Republican)

"I believe that I am the best choice to serve in Washington DC because I am NOT the status quo, career politician, party insider. I'm young, with fresh ideas, and have a history of service. As a soldier I fought our enemies abroad, as our Congressman I'll fight the enemies within and fight to protect and advance Conservative policy - for a stronger America. As a small business owner with operations overseas I know how to keep America prosperous in trade, as a Veteran I know exactly what the threats are we face without a secure border and strong military."

David Leroy
David Leroy

David Leroy (Republican)

"I am running for Congress, after 20 years out of politics, because 2018 is a time of great peril, but great opportunity for America. Donald Trump is a change agent who will sign conservative legislation, if it is presented to him. With my experience as a two term prosecutor, Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor, presidential appointee running a small national federal agency, and appearing thrice before the U.S. Supreme Court, I would expect to contribute immediately to breaking the congressional log jam which has impeded achieving solutions on critical national issues. I will represent Idaho's values and will work with the President to stop illegal immigration and sanctuary cities, protect access to our public lands and fight for Idaho. It is time for a little grey hair, a lot of good judgment and a touch of statesmanship in the Congress."

Luke Malek
Luke Malek

Luke Malek (Republican)

"My effectiveness makes me the best candidate for Congress. Congress needs members that will fight for solutions to the problems our nation faces. I'm running to fight for the Second Amendment, to fight to protect the lives of the unborn, to fight for the independent Idaho spirit and to defend against the heavy hand of government. I fight for what I love. I love my country, the state of Idaho, my family and our conservative values. When Obama was spying on our cell phones, I sued him to defend our Constitutional rights. When Obamacare was threatening to bankrupt Idahoans, I fought to keep our healthcare decisions in our hands. I've been endorsed by our firefighters, police, realtors, many prosecutors, mayors, a former Senator, members of the agricultural, mining and timber communities, our physicians… the list goes on. I'm conservative, I fight for what I love, and I can't be bought."

Christy Perry (Republican)

Christy Perry
Christy Perry

"As a conservative gun shop owner and a successful 4-term legislator, I have built a reputation for working on tough issues. I have always put people before parties and politics.

I bring a different perspective to Congress than the usual, “good ol’ boy” candidate. As a Republican woman and business owner, I appreciate the hard work it takes to make payroll. As a wife, I know you can’t just raise the debt ceiling to increase your family budget. As a mother, I understand the opportunities for improvement within our education system. As a grandmother, I know what is needed to care for our aging parents while simultaneously working to create a better tomorrow for our children. I also know firsthand what it feels like to send your son to war in Iraq. I bring leadership and passion to the job and am ready to start leading America the Idaho way."

Michael Snyder
Michael Snyder

Michael Snyder (Republican)

"There are three key things that I would like everyone to remember. Firstly, all of the other top candidates originally wanted to keep Donald Trump out of the White House, but I was a Trump supporter from the very beginning and proudly voted for him in 2016.

"Secondly, I am the most conservative candidate in this race. I challenge you to compare what I believe to what the other campaigns are saying and make your own decision. After doing such a comparison, I have never had any voter come back and tell me that another candidate is more conservative.

"Thirdly, I am a Bible-believing Christian. I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and I believe that we need to take Christian values back to Washington. If we truly want to make America great again, we need to get back to the principles that made us great in the first place."

Cristina McNeil
Cristina McNeil

Cristina McNeil (Democrat)

"I am a fighter who knows it takes cooperation, finding common ground, building coalitions, and working over the long-term for the benefit of the people. I was spokeswoman for the Alliance for Justice when we lobbied Speaker of the House John Boehner for immigration reform. My proven leadership launched me into the Idaho Democratic party as the chairwoman of the Democratic Latino caucus.

"I went to college, earned my bachelor's degree and MBA, became a Mom, started a business, and became a Real Estate Agent. I immigrated to the United States in 1995 and I am a proud citizen of both the United States and Mexico. My life experience makes me uniquely suited to represent Idaho.

We cannot keep sending the same kind of person to Congress and expect different results. November is our chance to elect a different person to fight for the people."

James Vandermaas
James Vandermaas

James Vandermaas (Democrat)

"I am James Vandermaas, and I’m running for Congress! We need Someone working for us who actually cares about, listens to and represents ALL the people of Idaho, and has the will and determination to get things done that benefit everyone! Who am I? Raised in poverty - our Mom raised 3 kids alone, on my own at 16, became a Fireman/Paramedic, 30+yrs in law enforcement, SWAT Team, County Search & Rescue Team, after 9-11 various homeland security assignments, union negotiator, and ran a telecomm business for 9-Yrs. This history reveals a strong background and wide range of experience; in public service, support of labor, and an in-depth understanding of business, All great experience that can help me do this job the way it should be done!

"And most importantly - I have NOT forgotten what it’s like to start with nothing, and have to struggle for a better life."


NOTE: Democrat Michael W Smith and Republican Alex Gallegos could not be reached for comment on this story.