ADA COUNTY — Democratic incumbent Dotti Owens will continue to serve as Ada County coroner after fending off her Republican challenger in Tuesday's election.

Owens defeated newcomer Nikole O'Neal and will retain the position she was elected to in 2014.

Owens, who has worked in the Ada County Coroner’s Office since 2010, defeated O'Neal with 93,955 votes vs. O'Neal's 84,212.

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Both candidates told KTVB just days before the election that the job has very little to do with politics.

"Right now, we are struggling to maintain our caseload, population increase, there is a lot of different things we are trying to do," Owens said. "Community education pieces is really important for me, we are very active with opioid epidemic and suicide prevention, those are things that are high on my radar that we will continue to do as an office as a whole."