BOISE - Now that the primary election is over what happens to all of the signs? The state actually has no rules when it comes to how long they can remain up.

The Idaho Secretary of State's Office says it's up to the Idaho Transportation Department of local highway districts to decide how long campaign signs can stay standing.

The general rule is two days, but it's not strictly enforcement. The Ada County Highway District, for example, says it's not an enforcement agency but strongly suggests political signs come down 48 hours after an election.

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"It's time for the signs to come down," said Rep. Christy Perry, who was out on Wednesday removing her campaign signs for First Congressional District.

Rep. Perry says her campaign put up about 250 signs. She said her team started taking them down before the polls even closed.

"I know the public gets tired of looking at them," said Perry.

Perry adds that taking down the signs helps candidates move forward after an election.