BOISE, Idaho — Like the crowded field for Boise city council seats, the race for Boise mayor is also stacking up like a standing-room-only affair. So far, five people are running for the top spot at city hall.

The five candidates can all agree that the topic of growth is going to dominate this election. Growth has been a hot button issue with this election cycle. Each candidate agreed that affordable housing and transportation are two of the top issues affecting the people of Boise. In this article, you will be able to watch the full interviews with each candidate. 

KTVB asked each one of them a set of five questions. Those questions were:

  • What made them run for mayor?
  • What are the problems facing the city and what are their solutions?
  • What do they think of the recent growth?
  • What is their vision over the next 20 years for the city?
  • What new ideas will they bring?

The five candidates are:

  • Incumbent Mayor Dave Bieter, serving since 2004
  • Current City Council President Lauren McLean
  • Adriel Martinez
  • Cortney Nielsen
  • Wayne Richey

Scroll down to see the full interview from each candidate: 

Watch Mayor Dave Bieter's full interview below:

Current City Council President Lauren McLean is running as well. She’s been on the city council since 2011. Her full interview is below.

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There is also Adriel Martinez, who served in the Army and ran for city council four years ago. Hear more from him below.

Another candidate is Cortney Nielsen, a Boise native who said she wants to make sure Boise keeps that safe and comfortable feeling. The full interview with Nielsen is below.

The final candidate is Wayne Richey, a new candidate who is also a Boise native and said the city is being invaded by Californians. Hear more from him below.

Those are the five candidates who are running currently. The window to file started on August 25 and it continues until September 6. This means there is still time for more candidates to file.

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