BOISE - Poll workers in Boise said they have had a steady stream of voters coming stopping by to vote, but expected foot traffic to pick up as people got off work.

Ada County Chief Deputy Phil McGrane tells KTVB that in Ada County, the state's most populous county, poll workers were printing more Democratic ballots due to higher than expected turnout.

By Tuesday evening, several polling locations in Boise ran out of Democratic ballots. Elections officials said in a Twitter post that they were delivering ballots to those locations, and asked voters to wait.

McGrane said the county was seeing "easily twice" the normal turnout for a Democratic primary election.

Earlier on Tuesday, one polling site in Meridian didn't have any Democratic ballots, but McGrane said ballots were brought to the site within the hour.

According to McCrane, a printing error caused non-partisan ballots to be mislabeled as Democratic ballots, resulting in no actual Democratic ballots being delivered to the Treasure Valley Baptist Church.

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McGrane said a couple of the voters wanting those waited for the ballots to be delivered.

Voter turnout in Idaho has hovered around 25 percent among registered voters in recent primary election cycles.

Polls close at 8 p.m.