A Washington County assessor says Secretary of State Lawerence Denney improperly received a homeowner's exemption this year on his home in Midvale.

The Lewiston Tribune reports the Washington County Board of Examiners decided in June that Denney deserved the exemption.

However, Washington County Assessor Georgia Plischke has since appealed the board's decision. She says Denney is taking an exemption in Washington County, but spends most of his time living in Canyon County.

Plischke argues state law says individuals can only take the homeowner's exemption if they use that residence as a primary dwelling.

Denney says he maintains his voter registration, vehicle registration and driver's license in Washington County. Denney added that he lives in Nampa during the week because it's easier to commute to the Capitol, but he returns to his Midvale home most weekends.