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Cascade mayor resigns, citing 'health and well-being'

Julie Crosby stepped down Tuesday, less than a year into her four-year term.
Credit: Terhune, Katie

CASCADE -- The mayor of Cascade has stepped down from her position, less than a year into her her four-year term.

Julie Crosby announced her resignation Tuesday night after the city council meeting.

In her resignation letter, Crosby wrote that she had come into the position "with my eyes wide open" but had not foreseen the toll the mayorship would take on her own health.

"As much as I care for the Cascade community, I cannot and will not compromise my health and well-being," she wrote. "I hope the constituents that voted for me will respect, understand and support my decision."

Cynda Herrick, the Cascade city council president, is acting as interim mayor. Herrick said the council will hold a meeting at 5 p.m. Thursday to discuss the resignation and decide how to move forward in the search for a new mayor.

Crosby was elected in November 2017 with 164 votes, and took office in January.

Herrick said that Crosby told the council that despite her past working with the military and federal government, the municipal level was different.

"She did not anticipate the kind of stress from government and that it has affected her health," Herrick said.

A timeline for finding a new mayor has not yet been set, Herrick said. Crosby's full resignation letter is included below.

November 13, 2018

To: Council Members City of Cascade PO Box 649

Cascade, ID 83611

Subj: Mayor Crosby Letter of Resignation

It is with deep regret that I submit my letter of resignation as Mayor for the City of Cascade effective close of business, Wednesday, November 14, 2018.

I came into this position with my eyes wide open. I expected challenges. l expected lack of resources. I expected the need to manage a variety of issues simultaneously. I expected a huge learning curve. I expected the job to be hard.

I believed my tenacity, strong work ethic, organizational skills, and past work experience within the military, state, and federal government would equip me to guide the city. I learned quickly that municipal government is not like any other. I have enjoyed working with and learning from the city council, city employees, constituents, and a variety of stakeholders.

I welcomed daily interactions with the public, and learned so much more about this community. I have listened and taken a lot of notes. The local residents I encountered during my tenure display a strong desire to safeguard Cascade's essence. I want to highlight the importance of volunteerism in a small community like Cascade. There is a core group in this community that have dedicated many years and volunteer hours to keep the cogs of Cascade moving. This core group has been active for many years and is getting older, tired and burnt out. New folks need to step-up and step-in, NOW.

What I didn't expect during this experience was the adverse impact the mayorship would have on my personal health and well-being. I have spent the last several months seeking professional help trying to remedy this, and have not been successful.

As much as I care for the Cascade community, I cannot and wilt not compromise my health and well- being. I hope the constituents that voted for me will respect, understand, and support my decision

Julie Crosby