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Pets banned from the water at Eagle Island State Park

Fido is going to need to find a new spot to cool off.

EAGLE, Idaho — Fido is going to need to find a new spot to cool off.

Eagle Island State Park announced Monday that is instituting a "No Pets in the Lake" policy in an effort to keep dangerous bacteria from infesting the water. 

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“Open bodies of water are popular places for people to beat the Idaho heat in the summer," said Gary Shelley, Eagle Island State Park Manager. “We’re doing all that we can to keep local swimming areas safe and accessible to the public.”

Idaho Department and Parks and Recreation officials say banning dogs from the lake will help keep visitors healthy and ensure that the swimming areas will remain open. Pet feces are a common cause of elevated levels of E. coli in water, which can sicken people.  

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The new rule at Eagle Island State Park comes after Boise Parks and Recreation Department began enforcing a similar no-dogs policy in Quinn's Pond and the Esther Simplot Park ponds. That rule was instituted after repeated E. coli outbreaks were traced back to dog and geese feces. 

“The health and safety of our citizens is our top priority,” said Doug Holloway, Boise Parks and Recreation Director. “Our shared ‘no pets in the water policy’ helps to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and keep our ponds open for recreational use.” 

Dogs will continue to be allowed in other pet-friendly areas of the park. For more information, click here.