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North Idaho hiker finds human bones at popular Coeur d'Alene hiking spot

A hiker at Tubbs Hill found bones sticking out of the ground.

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho — Bones were found by a hiker on the southwest portion of popular hiking spot Tubbs Hill on Thursday, according to Captain David Hagar of the Coeur D'Alene Police Department.

The department confirmed that the found bones clearly appear to be human.

Police have not said how many bones in total were found. Most of the bones were kept in the dirt and officials dug around them. 

 Finding human bones on Tubbs Hill is rare.   

According to Robert Singletary, a local historian and museum of North Idaho Program and Marketing Director, there is no evidence that shows Tubbs Hill ever being a Native American burial ground.

The police department has been working closely with the county coroner and finished cleaning up the scene on Saturday.

The department will send the bones to a group of forensic scientists in Seattle. Experts will then look for DNA and potential injuries on the bones. 

There is currently no time frame of when the results will be released.

There is nothing so far to indicate that the bones are those of Deborah Swanson, who vanished on March 29, 1986 after she walked onto Tubbs Hill, police said.

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