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National Archives 'wrong' to blur images of anti-Trump signs

The National Archives has taken down an altered photo from the 2017 Women's March which was edited to blur protesters' signs.
Credit: U.S. National Archives

The National Archives is apologizing for its decision to blur Women's March images of anti-Trump signs used as part of an exhibit on women's suffrage. 

"We made a mistake. As the National Archives of the United States, we are and have always been completely committed to preserving our archival holdings, without alteration," the organization said in a statement on Twitter. 

The independent agency is charged with preserving government and historical records and said it has always done so “without alteration.” 

But the archives acknowledged in a statement Saturday making a mistake after The Washington Post published an online report about the altered images. 

The archives said the anti-Trump signs were altered to keep the nonpartisan, nonpolitical agency from being drawn into “current political controversy.” It said the photo has been removed from the exhibit and will be replaced "as soon as possible" with an unaltered photo. 

The Archives also said it will be reviewing its policies to prevent similar edits in the future.