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VIDEO: Las Vegas roller coaster sways during California earthquake

When a powerful earthquake struck California on Friday night, it caused a roller coaster all the way in Las Vegas to start swaying.

Preliminary estimates by the U.S. Geological Survey say a 7.1 magnitude quake hit Southern California Friday night, and it was felt all the way in Las Vegas.

Carla Feddersen filmed a rollercoaster in Las Vegas swaying in the quake.  

"The Big Apple Coaster" is located at the New York-New York hotel in Las Vegas.  

Experts said there is about a 1-in-10 chance that another 7.0 quake could hit within the next week. 

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The chance of a 5.0-magnitude quake "is approaching certainty," said Lucy Jones, a seismologist at the California Institute of Technology and a former science adviser at the U.S. Geological Survey.